Friday, January 1, 2010

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Pier 39 Sea Lions partly solved

Missing Pier 39 Sea Lions May Have Headed South

Scientists and tourists who have been puzzled by the recent disappearance of hundreds of sea lions at Pier 39 may be relieved to learn that at least some of those aquatic mammals have turned up at a now crowded harbor in Monterey County.

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The moss landing harbor visitors' dock has been entertaining a good deal more foot traffic the past few days because of the arrival of scores of sea lions. While the mammals are far from an unusual sight at the dock, in the past week the sea lions have practically taken over the harbor.

"I can't believe how many there are here,” said Everett Walker who was visiting from the town of Longview in Washington state. “I started counting and I estimated there must be close to a thousand there on that thing over there."

It was an amazing sight, even for people who regularly come to moss landing mainly to see the sea otters.

"Oh we've seen them down in this area before, but not like this," said Ben Lomond resident Elaine Rhodes.

The huge community of sea lions spread out on Moss Landing’s docks and harbors

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