Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wolves Escape from Skanes Animal Park

Very sadly a number of wolves escaped from the enclosure at the popular Skanes Nordic Animal Park in Southern Sweden.

The forested one hectare wolf enclosure was as popular with visitors to the park as it was for the wolves themselves as the animals are able to live out a semi natural lifestyle. Viewing of the wolf pack is through the netted fence or from the observation platform.

One of the more popular visitor attractions to the Park is the daily 'Meet The Wolf' when a select number of paying visitors are allowed into the enclosure with the keeper. Here they are given an introductory talk and get the opportunity to take photographs of the animals without having the view blocked. Handling the animals is strictly forbidden. 'Meet the Wolf' costs 1900 Kr.

The Wolves were spotted outside of their enclosure and close to the Moose by a member of staff who used his radio to alert other members of the Park. This conversation was unfortunately overheard by people outside of the zoo on their personal radios.
Learning of the escape the emergency procedure was put into action and all visitors were evacuated from the Park. A number of the escaped wolves were shot. As yet the exact number is unknown as is how the escape came about. As few as 4 and as many as 12 animals may have been killed.

This is not the first wolf escape from this collection. Another animal went missing from the enclosure in December 2006. Then it was speculated that it may have dug its way out under the fence.

An official statement on the incident will be issued today, Sunday 10th January 2010 after a full investigation has been carried out said Zoo Director Camilla Jonsson.

Questions will be asked as to why the animals were not cordoned off and recaptured.

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