Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Thought on Elephant Culling

Whether you approve or not Elephant culling is taking place all the time. Many African elephants arrived in zoos as a direct result of being 'saved' from a cull. It is important to have some knowledge of the subject which is not drenched in emotion. The following article is informative and thought provoking as are some of the comments. It is well worth taking the time to read it. - Peter

Elephant culling in Africa

So, here's a highly controversial subject. What do we all know about culling? Well, the general consensus seems to be that a bunch of animals are killed as humanely as possible in order to alleviate overpopulation issues. Most people seem to understand the necessities of these programs and accept it.....unless it involves an elephant!

Take Kruger National Park in South Africa for example. They used to practice animal reduction exercises (culling) up until 1995. This was when animal activists took the case up to the high courts and put a stop to it. Funny really, as culling is still done to this day on the buffalo in the Kruger. Not one placard has been hoisted to help the plight of the buffalo. This is part of the problem right there. We choose the animals we want to save instead of concentrating on saving all species.

Do I support culling of elephants in Africa? Yes! Do I like the practice? No! That's conservation. Seeing what is best for all species, and practising those policies down the line. Why is culling necessary? Well, its a long and involved story and I want to explain all aspects

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