Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gorillas From Zurich To The National Zoo in Pretoria, South Africa

Below is the translated press statement from Zoo Zurich - Peter

Zoo Zurich

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CH-8044 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 254 25 00 Fax: +41 44 254 25 10

Press Release No. 468

Transfer of two gorillas

Two members of the 10-strong group of the Zurich Zoo gorilla to stay in the National Zoo of South Africa in Pretoria. This exchange takes place within the framework of the European conservation breeding program (EEP) for this species.

The Zurich Zoo maintains a successful breeding group of Western Lowland gorillas g. (Gorilla gorilla), consisting of one silverback, 3 breeding females and 6 between 2001 and 2007-born pups. The two eldest offspring, the males and BONSENGA Binga, have now reached the age to leave the group. Gorillas live in Harem groups, an adult male with several females and their Juveniles. Thus, not all young males have a chance equal to their own family . establish Therefore, with the zoo-born males, as well as outdoors
can be observed, formed part of bachelor groups. This bachelor groups meet within the coordinated breeding program for gorillas (within Europe as Led European Endangered Species Program EEP on which the Zoo in Pretoria involved) is an important function. On the one hand allow for a social housing of males who have to leave their families and also constitute a reservoir for future breeding males.

At the last annual meeting of the EAZA, the European Zoos, in September 2009 in Copenhagen, it was decided chic 4 males for the construction of a bachelor group in Pretoria.

Two of these males are BONSENGA and Binga from Zurich. You will be in Pretoria two slightly younger males from Israel combined. On a flight from Switzerland to South Africa was for BONSENGA Binga and provided a special transport box in which are the two animals on the road in mutual contact.

The Zurich Zoo is pleased with the National Zoo in Pretoria, a suitable place for his have found two animals. They fly on 19 January with the Swiss and supported by the
Neighbors of the zoo, FIFA, to Johannesburg. Be BONSENGA and Binga, as in other zoos also help there as ambassadors of their way for more understanding and respect
to advertise to these animals and ultimately for a much-needed protection of wild gorillas.

For further information please contact available:

Dr. Alex Rübel, director of the Zurich Zoo, 044 254 25 00 ,

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