Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tiger rears Piglets.

Gosh. This story makes me angry. Sri Racha Tiger Zoo is simply a Tiger Farm by another name. No-one knows what happens to the animals they breed here and they breed loads. Thet are valueless as far as conservation goes. They will never be allowed to be released back into the wild. The pig rearing tiger and tiger rearing pig is abslutely pointless. It is not clever. Read Sri Racha Tiger Zoo to learn more.

Tigers and pigs in baby mix-up?

It looks as if there has been a little confusion among just which babies belong to which mother.
An eight-year-old tiger Sai Mai looks after three adoptive piglets in a Thai zoo - while in a different enclosure a sow suckles two tiger cubs as well as her piglets.

The Sriracha tiger zoo employs a unique accelerate the growth of tiger cubs by raising them partly on pig milk - suckled direct from sows by the cubs themselves.

Tiger are facing extiction across much of south east Asia and the WWF estimated this week that numbers in Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam have plummeted from an estimated 1,200 to about 350 since 1998.

However thee Sriracha tiger zoo is succeefully breeding tigers and since 1997, when the zoo began using pig's

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