Friday, January 29, 2010

Bristol Zoo appeals for old mobile phones to help protect the future of gorillas in the wild

Bristol Zoo appeals for old mobile phones to help protect the future of gorillas in the wild

Bristol Zoo Gardens is appealing for people to recycle their old mobile phones to help safeguard the future of gorillas in the wild.

Mobile phones contain coltan, a mineral extracted in the forests of the Congo Basin in central Africa, which is home to the critically endangered lowland gorillas.

Mining for coltan takes place on a large scale and has led to widespread deforestation, which, in turn reduces the available habitat for animals. Opening up the forests has also resulted in an increase in illegal poaching and the bushmeat trade.

Bristol Zoo is asking people to help reduce the need for coltan by recycling their old phones and help protect the future of gorillas which live in the forests of the Congo.

Bryan Carroll, deputy director of Bristol Zoo, said: “Many people will have received new mobile phones for Christmas, so we are asking them to consider recycling their old phones for this very valuable and worthwhile cause. You’ll also be doing your bit to help the environment by saving waste from going to landfill. Even if your phone can’t be re-used, it will be recycled.”

Unwanted mobile phones can be dropped off at the Zoo or posted, in a sturdy envelope, with the phone battery, to Bristol Zoo Mobile Phone Recycling, Greener Solutions, FREEPOST, LON17592, Mitcham, CR4 3UZ. Don’t forget to remove your SIM card.

Alternatively you can request a freepost envelope be sent to you, by contacting Lizy Jones on 0117 974 7329 or email

£1.75 will be donated to Bristol Zoo for each mobile phone received, which will contribute towards Bristol Zoo’s conservation projects in the UK and abroad.

Schools, community groups or companies can order a supply of freepost envelopes to distribute. Just phone 020 8274 4040 quoting reference “Bristol Zoo” or email

For more information, visit Bristol Zoo’s website

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  1. What an innovative way Bristol Zoo Gardens has adapted to create awareness among mobile phone users for environment protection. It will help people stop buying new ones & recycle their older ones to ultimately bring down the demand for coltan and help protect the forests of Congo where gorillas live in. Those who are giving in to this will be doing a large service to those in need, and the world with your actions. Who would ever have thought that a simple act of goodwill, such as giving your old phone to charity, would have such a positive impact on the world. For more information visit Cash 4 Phones .