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Advanced Primate Training and Enrichment Workshop - April 12 – 16, 2010

Advanced Primate Training and Enrichment Workshop

April 12 – 16, 2010

We are pleased to announce the 3rd Advanced Primate Training and Enrichment Workshop (“PTEW 2”), hosted by Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

This exciting 4 1/2-day workshop is designed for managers, veterinarians, supervisors, keepers, and care staff who are responsible for the care, management, and well-being of non-human primates in zoological, sanctuary or biomedical settings. The workshop builds on the skills and knowledge gained in the Primate Training and Enrichment Workshops, held many times in Bastrop , Texas , and will pursue advanced techniques and methodologies. The instructors have extensive and diverse experience working with many zoological, biomedical, and pharmaceutical facilities in the development and maintenance of comprehensive behavioral management programs for non-human primates. Classroom style instruction will be augmented with practical learning opportunities that include small group work to develop and evaluate behavioral management programs for animals at the host institutions.

One of the exercises will allow participants to work with the Hogle Zoo’s animals to progress through the steps of assessing behavioral issues with those particular animals, design appropriate behavioral management changes for the animals, and evaluate the impact of those changes. Emphasis will be placed on the strategies and tools integral to successful behavioral management including: behavioral assessment techniques, operant conditioning with emphasis on positive reinforcement training, environmental enrichment, staff management and training, facility design, and general operating practices to enhance behavioral management activities. Participants should expect to walk away from this workshop with a working knowledge of the necessary elements of behavioral management programs, and what is required to establish and sustain these programs.

NEW LOWER PRICE!!! The registration fee ($975) will include housing (double occupancy); all snacks and meals except two dinners, transportation between the hotel and the zoo (meeting site), workshop notebook and materials, commemorative t-shirt or tote bag, and all other relevant materials. Registration fees will be adjusted if you prefer a private hotel room or are local and do not need a hotel room.

Instructors: Mollie Bloomsmith, Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Gail Laule, Active Environments, Inc.
Steve Schapiro, UT MD Anderson Cancer Ctr., DVS
Margaret Whittaker, Active Environments, Inc.

For information, contact: Margaret Whittaker (indu22@earthlink.net)

Active Environments (info@activeenvironments.org)

Kimberly Davidson (kdavidson@hoglezoo.org)

Margaret Whittaker
Animal Behavior Consultant
Active Environments
Email: indu22@earthlink.net
Phone: 832 428 9637
Website: http://www.activeenvironments.org/

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