Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bali Mynah - Cooperative Conservation

Bid to rescue Bali mynah

JURONG BirdPark has joined forces with conservation group Begawan Foundation and the Cologne Zoo in Germany to help rescue the Bali mynah from the jaws of extinction.

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It will give three birds to the foundation to breed, and will receive three from the German zoo to incorporate into its breeding programme.

The organisations want to create as large a gene pool as they can, to ensure a sustainable flock for the future.

The Bali mynah is now found mainly on Nusa Penida, south of the main island of Bali in Indonesia.

Its population was once thought to have dwindled to just 16 in the wild.

Unlike Singapore's plain local mynah, the Bali mynah has a white body, brilliant blue-framed eyes, and a touch of black at its wingtips and tail feathers.

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