Monday, October 18, 2010

Zoo Biology

Zoo Biology

Zoo Biology was first set up a Yahoo Group in 1999 and is the longest established zoo related discussion, question and answer group on the internet. It deals with the diverse range of the Zoo Sciences. The Zoo Biology Group is concerned with all disciplines involved in the running of a Zoological Garden. Captive breeding, husbandry, cage design and construction, diets, enrichment, man management, record keeping, etc It is specifically a forum for Professional Zoo Staff. Exceptions may sometimes be considered in the case of students or allied professions. You MUST be committed to both in-situ AND ex-situ conservation.

The Zoo Biology Group is independent and not attached to any other group, society or organisation.

As a Zoo Biology member you can call upon the knowledge of somewhere in the region of 20,000 years of practical zoo experience from around the world and in a range of fields. As a zoo biology member it is hoped that you will both contribute and answer questions on subjects of which you have some experience. Replies to the group are well recieved and add to the searchable subject archives.

As of October 18th 2010 there are 28,812 archived messages being contributed to by 2,468 Professional Zoo Staff around the world.
Zoo Biology pre-dates practically all of the species related discussion groups which there are today. In fact many of these groups were set up on the back of Zoo Biology and its sister Zoo News Digest.

Posts on Zoo Biology are moderated.

To Join Zoo Biology is easy. It is just a case of clicking HERE.

You will then be requested to send a brief Bio of who you are, where you work and what you do. This is personal and private and will not be divulged. You can even join Zoo Biology anonymously, only I, the group owner will know who you are. Why would you even want to join anonymously? You might well ask....well some zoos do not like their staff exchanging information and some senior staff have ego's which bruise easily. So you will need a new email address if you go down that route.

If you are a true Zoo Professional you cannot afford not to be a member.

I hope to see you become a member soon

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