Thursday, October 21, 2010

Latest News From Zion Wildlife Gardens

Statement from Patricia Busch
Thursday 21 October, 2010

The following statement is made by Patricia Busch, Managing Director of Zion Wildlife Gardens Limited.

I feel honour bound to correct the amount of misinformation circulating the internet and some media about matters concerning my relationship with my son Craig Busch.

Many of you may not be aware that I was asked to come to the Park by Craig after the assault on his partner Karen.

I have now decided to put my current position forward and speak out for the first time.

Craig had got himself into financial difficulties and he asked if I would sell my farm and put the money into the Park to pay his bills. I agreed to help him and arrangements were put in place to settle his debts in the hundreds of thousands.

For the security of my other children and family’s future I requested he sign a document acknowledging such a transaction and assigning his interest to me.
Craig as part of that agreement could have his interest in the Park back at any time once I was repaid.
This we both thought would work well.

Together we put a plan in place and if Craig had worked as agreed the loan would have been repaid to me and would have a far lesser debt than I inherited, and Craig would have the Park back.

Craig decided to take various types of action and then commenced action against his own company to which the company had no choice but to defend.

The operational aspects became evident as I got to understand matters and the day to day running of the park. One of the actions to which I strongly objected, was the declawing of the following cats.

Amafu - Declawed
Imvula - Declawed
Marah - Declawed
Moya - Declawed
Laduma - Declawed
Gandor - Declawed
Timba - Declawed
Themba - Declawed
Sibili - Declawed
Sabie - Declawed
Zamba - Declawed
Shumba - Declawed
Aslan - Declawed
Zion - Declawed
Savannah - Declawed
Shikira - Declawed
Shia - Declawed
Narnia - Declawed
Shanti - Declawed
Cleo - Declawed
Tshaka - Declawed
Abdullah - Declawed
Sita - Declawed
Kahli - Declawed
Indira - Declawed

The death of Khan was the next sad event when Craig saw fit to have this young white tiger he had bred and raised euthanized because of inbreeding deformities. He then proceeded to put Khan in the freezer for some time only to thaw him out when the Lionman filming commenced as he said the burial would make a good tv story. His actions regarding the postponement of Khan’s funeral affected members of the team.

The death of Samson under Craig’s stewardship as Operator concerned me as he prevented me from arranging the burial. Instead he insisted Samson, a fully grown male lion be held in a freezer with the.........

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