Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Animal Behaviour Symmposium

The Animal Behaviour Symmposium

A new approach to animal behavior, intelligence and welfare!

On November 20, 2010 the Animal Behavior Symposium is held in Utrecht, the Netherlands. On this special event scientists Jane Goodall and Irene Pepperberg, together with a number of renowned colleagues, will present their unique approach to behavior, intelligence and welfare.

Chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall and parrot expert Irene Pepperberg did not only open the eyes of scientific world but also initiated whole new way of thinking about the intelligence of animals. Through their knowledge about both chimpanzees and parrots,    Pepperberg and Goodall convinced scientists and animal lovers worldwide. At the
Animal Behavior Symposium the unique way of working and living with the animals they studied will be presented: using the intelligence of the animal instead of controlling the behavior. It is an approach that looks at natural behavior and how it can be used to benefit animal welfare in a captive environment.

More then 50 years ago Jane Goodall set foot on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Gombe, Tanzania. At that time no one could have suspected that chimpanzees use tools, practice warfare or adopt each other's offspring. Today it is clear that the difference between humans and chimpanzees is very small. Despite the differences, it
became clear that the feelings, emotions and intelligence of chimpanzees are more like humans than that of any other animal. Jane Goodall travels the world 300 days a year at the age of 76 to share knowledge about conservation, animals behavior and the animal-human relationship.

Irene Pepperberg spent 35 years doing research on the intelligence of African grey parrots. African greys, like the world famous Alex, are known as talented mimics of the human speech. But through the analysis methodology used by Irene, it was demonstrated that these incredible birds do much more then mimicking. They have an intelligence level that can be compared with the intelligence a 4 year old human child.
During her research Irene did not only show the world the facts about parrot intelligence, she also uses her knowledge to improve the management of the millions of parrots kept in captivity.

The studies by Goodall and Pepperberg are not only of importance for the understanding of chimpanzees and parrots. More and more people who work with animals on a professional basis, understand that one can use the intelligence and natural behavior of animals to benefit from. By respecting the mental and emotional capacities of animals, an entirely new relationship between animals and humans can be established. The animal behavior symposium offers veterinarians, animal handlers and serious pet owners the opportunity to learn the results of decades of research and how to use the information in the daily practice.

Besides Jane Goodall
( )
and Irene Pepperberg
( ,
workshops and lectures are given by Kayce Cover,
( )
Certified Animal Behavior Consultant; Dr. Valerie Jonckheer
( ) from
Department of Animals in Science and Society at Utrecht University and
Jan Hooimeijer, DVM, ( )
Certified Parrot behaviour Consultant. Professor Jan van Hooff
( ) will serve as chairman
of the symposium initiating care.

The Animal Behavior Symposium is organized by a collaboration between
Archaeopteryx, Jane Goodall Institute Netherlands and Stichting
Papegaai (Parrot Foundation).

The Animal Behavior Symposium will be held on Saturday, November 20 at
the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. For more information and
to order tickets visit the website

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