Sunday, October 10, 2010

Doc Antle Takes Congress For A Ride

I have repeatedly warned through Zoo News Digest that unless Doc Antle and Myrtle Beach circus are not taken as a serious threat to conservation that he will be taken as an authoritive figure. He is not. His wonderful (and IT IS wonderful) publicity machine have pulled off their latest coup. Here it is:

So how many of those people you see hanging up a lion cub or hugging a gibbon are not going to ring Mr Antle next time they have a wildlife question? He could actually shape the law which governs US zoos. I don't think congress should have entertained a visit from a zoo which was not a member of AZA. I believe questions should be asked as to why.

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There is more out there. All of it ridiculous. Baby chimps rearing baby tigers. Baby Oranguans...swimming orangutans!!

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  1. I can not belive that you are posting this, I will no longer support your website. I think what he did in congress is a well appreciated effort to bring the other side of the story and make these animals more real to them and not something on paper . . I would also expect you to be more central and not so one sided . . I like to be told the news not your personal opinions as well. I am smart enough to make up my own mind.

  2. That is fair enough Kathy. All I would ask is that you do a little bit of investigation in to what it is all about. As you say, you can make up your own mind and so can I and I can blog about it. Peace.

  3. This post is totally ridiculous! Doc Antles place is NOT a zoo. He does more for animal conservation than your company or any zoo can possibly do. You should remove your sarcastic one-sided bit of information before it bites you in the rear. Kathy is only one of many who will not support you any more. Open your mind. You are the one who needs the facts.

  4. Anyone who breeds tigons and ligers knows nothing about conservation. End of story.