Saturday, October 30, 2010

Indian Elephant Insanity

I never ever thought that I would be in such ready agreement with PETA but just what does the Indian government think they are up to?

Firstly we have the CZA (Central Zoo Authority) issuing a decree that all elephants have to be moved out of sight and out of mind to the so called sanctuaries and forest camps and now we have this.

Somebody in the Ministry of the Environment has decided to send two elephants from an Indian Zoo to a zoo in Turkmenistan. What is going on here? Are zoos good or are they bad? Or is it that all Indian zoos are bad (and I know personally that they are not)?

I admit that I am ignorant of zoos in Turkmenistan. No doubt there are both good and bad zoos as there are in India and everywhere else in the world. As this move has just been made apparent I feel it is likely that the intended destination is the new zoo, opened only this month in the foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains. I would like to visit and give my honest and unbiased opinion. Perhaps I will one day.

Whereas I agree with PETA that questions have to be asked here our paths then sharply part. I believe that Indian zoos need to improve conditions for their elephants and not try and hide them away.

I am though very puzzled at this Indian Elephant Insanity.

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