Friday, October 15, 2010

First international meeting on sloth husbandry, rehabilitation and veterinary care

Who's in a Hurry? Sloth Conservation and Care

First international meeting on sloth husbandry, rehabilitation
and veterinary care

Medellin, Colombia
November 26 - 29, 2010

We are pleased to announce the first international meeting on sloth conservation and
rehabilitation. This meeting is open to all interested researchers, rehabilitators, captive care specialists who are actively contributing to the conservation of these remarkable animals.

Current status of sloth biology and veterinary care
Awareness programs
Sloth rehabilitation and captive husbandry
Fund raising
Conservation strategies

There is an urgent need among sloth rehabilitators and institutions working with sloths to meet, exchange experiences, and develop joint strategies to maximize the impact of their efforts. Our goal is to help these unique South American mammals to survive in our changing world.

Although, according to the International Red List of Threatened Species, sloths are not under immediate risk of extinction, every year thousands of hectares of tropical forests disappear, and silently, the sloths die along with them.

Sloths are frequently extracted from their natural habitat and sold as pets to tourists who are unaware of the negative impact of their action to the wild populations. Individuals that do not die due to malnutrition or inappropriate care are often handed over to the authorities for rehabilitation. In spite of the sloth’s charisma, and the increasing need for specialists who can assist injured or weak individuals, few wildlife rehabilitation centers work with these cryptic animals. A varied, inclusive and progressive international working group is expected to be formed as a result of this meeting.

The First International Meeting on Sloth Husbandry,Rehabilitation and Veterinary Care begins immediately following the Third Colombian Zoology Congress, which will take place from November 22 to 26, 2010. The meeting is organized by Tinka Plese, Member IUCN SSC Anteater, Sloth and Armadillo Specialist Group, ( and Monique S. Pool,Chairman of the Board of The Green Heritage Fund Suriname (

The main part of the meeting will be held on November 27 and 28, 2010 on Miraderos farm, two hours from the city of Medellin, Colombia. This farm is where three-toed sloths were successfully reintroduced for the first time.

The itinerary of the event is as follows:

Friday, November 26

Morning: Arrival to Medellin

Afternoon: visit to Unau’s Sloth Rehabilitation center

Saturday, November 27

Departure early in the morning from Medellin to the Miraderos farm. Arrival to the main house at lunch time.

2:30pm - 7pm, Opening ceremony, Presentations


Sunday, November 28

8 am – 1 pm Round table - discussion

1 – 2:30 pm Lunch

3 – 5 pm Visit (by horse back ride) to the reintroduction site of Bradypus variegatus.

6 – 7 pm Dinner

7 – 9 pm Conclusions and projections for the near future.

Monday, November 29

Return to Medellin in the early morning. Expected arrival: noon.

We encourage participants to visit the city of Medellin, a very interesting and much visited tourist site ( .

We would be very thankful if you could confirm us as soon as possible your sincere interest in participating in the First International Sloth Meeting.

The fee for the meeting is $ US 100.

We will provide additional information on the presentations in our next announcement.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Medellin!

Slothfully yours,

Tinka Plese
Member IUCN/SSC Anteater, Sloth and Armadillo Specialist Group - Tel: (574) 278 86 72 Circular 1ª Nº 73 – 24 Medellín – Colombia, Suramérica

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