Thursday, October 14, 2010

PhD/Masters Student Research Opportunity - Gibbons

Photo courtesy of Conservation International

PhD/Masters Student Research Opportunity - Gibbons

Hiring Organization:
Conservation International

Date Posted:

Position Description:
A position is available for a PhD or Masters student interested in conducting research on gibbons in Cambodia. Conservation International supports management of a field site, Veun Sai Forests, in northeastern Cambodia. The site has high biodiversity value and high densities of many threatened taxa. Of particular interest is the gibbon population which occurs at the site, which is the newly described taxon, Nomascus annamensis. One group of gibbons has been habituated at this site, and there is small scale socioecological data being collected on this group by local researchers. Phenology plots have been set up within the range of the group and more than 300 feeding trees marked to date. A trail system already exists throughout the groups range, and good data on home range size is available.

Conservation International is looking for interested researchers to conduct research with conservation implications with this group and/or beyond. Research agendas are flexible based on the applicant's interest, but must be negotiated with the site manager, and primatologist, Dr. Ben Rawson, who will also be available in a supervisory role as appropriate.


• An undergraduate or Masters degree in a relevant discipline (Biological Anthropology, Zoology etc) and acceptance to a postgraduate course of study.
• Fieldwork experience in a non-western country.
• A strong supervisory panel.
• An ability to work in remote and difficult conditions. Applicants will need to be strong willed and self-sufficient to succeed.

Field conditions are basic and the field site is remote (approximately 1.5 days from Phnom Penh). The site has malaria, snakes, leeches (not many). Base camp accommodation is basic with hammocks and no running water (except for a nearby stream), however additional infrastructure developments are planned before the end of 2010. Vegetarians will have difficulty.



Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Conservation International will provide logistical support (e.g. permissions, office space etc), field financial support (travel to and from site, subsistence allowance) and a local counterpart to help in data collection. Additional funding needs (e.g. equipment, insurance, international travel, housing in Phnom Penh etc) will need to be covered by the researcher.

Term of Appointment:

Duration of research under existing postgraduate course of study

Application Deadline:

Expressions of interest and CV by October 31st

Contact Information:
Ben Rawson
#10, Street 420
Phnom Penh, none 0000

Telephone Number:
+855 (0)12657252


E-mail Address:

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