Friday, November 5, 2010

A Tightrope is Not a Life for an Elephant

It is some time ago that the authorities took a stronger hand and stopped the begging elephants on the streets of Bangkok. Without a doubt they did need to be rescued from such a life. I never saw one that was abused or starved but they were hit by traffic and fell down drains. Not the life for an elephant.

So the animals were confiscated and sent to the various 'sanctuaries', zoos and camps around the country. Some of the animals ended up in Bangkok Safari World. Although it is indisputable that this is an impressive and popular collection it is also a commercially exploitative one that does little or nothing for conservation or education (with the exception of Eggs World).

It is shows and a fun day out. I have no problem with that providing proper guidelines are followed but Safari World is guided only by the shareholders purse strings. They don't care about animals at all. The Keeping Staff are different. They DO care and there are some real professionals amongst them. They need a say in how the place is run.

I believe that Safari World has sunk to a new low in getting Elephants to walk on a Tightrope. Elephants need Elephant Care and I have no problems at all with them being properly trained. They are intelligent and the mental stimulation is a definite plus to environmental enrichment. A tightrope though is wrong. It may be clever but it is very wrong. Perhaps they would be better off on the streets of Bangkok dodging the traffic.

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1 comment:

  1. What a sad photo Peter. It's such a shame they have to resort to doing that I agree with you that is no life for an elephant to have.
    Thanks for posting