Saturday, November 13, 2010

Javan Leopards Flee Volcano

As Mount Merapi on the Island of Java in Indonesia continues to erupt it is not just the human residents which are leaving to seek safety but the Javan Leopards Panthera pardus melas too.

The volcano was been erupting in spurts since the end of October and has already accounted for considerable loss of life as well as blanketing much of the surrounding area in thick white ash.

The charity 'Vets without Borders' has appealed for help to aid abandoned farm animals and pets left by fleeing villagers.

There are an estimated 250 Javan leopards remaining on the island. It is hoped that the animals displaced by the volcanic eruptions are able to find safe refuge in the surrounding countryside.
A black Javan Leopard was shot dead by police in August as it strayed too close to residential accommodation.

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