Saturday, November 20, 2010

Disaster At The National Marine Aquarium

Disaster At The National Marine Aquarium

Only very recently we had the very sad and tragic loss of 26 animals in a fire at the Karlsruhe Zoo in Germany. On Tuesday 200 fish died in the National Aquarium at Pymouth. A storm caused a power failure and back up systems failed resulting in the huge loss of life.

People in general seem to care less about fish, perhaps because they are used to seeing them on the Fishmongers slab at Tesco....and they don't see ponies of donkeys. Fish though are important, especially when we are caring for them.

There is a lesson to be learnt here. Where there is no night staff (and I firmly believe that every zoo should have them) then there should be systems in place to let staff know when something has gone wrong, as soon as it goes wrong. We have the technology today we MUST use it to keep our animals safe, our incubators working, our water flowing.

Lets not have any more of these horrors.

Lets not have to think 'If Only'

My sincere sympathies to the staff of the Plymouth aquarium. I know that some of them will be grieving. They weren't just fish, they were individuals.

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