Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giza Trouble For The Al Ain Orangutans

A comment from Egypt today states that the Orangutans which were dumped (sorry...gifted) by Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort to Giza Zoo in Egypt remain in far from adequate conditions. Further to that the Chimpanzees which were evacuated from their enclosure to make room for the Orangutans remain in worse conditions.

So what is going on? They arrived back in May!!! What is going to happen? And when? It is months now since this very unsatisfactory move took place. In the meantime the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort have been proudly announcing that they are to host the WAZA 70th Annual Conference in 2015. Al Ain is apparantly is eager to "push ahead its commitment to animal care and welfare, environmental education and global conservation in front of the industry’s leaders and decision-makers." If this is the case then let them put their money where their mouth is NOW. They have dumped (sorry..gifted) Orangutans, an endangered species, (not that being endangered matters) on a collection that was kicked out of WAZA for having inadequate conditions...and they knew it...and if they didn't then how on earth did they get chosen to host the WAZA meeting?
If Al Ain is committed "to animal care and welfare". Let them prove it. Admit they have made a boo boo and a big one at that....and rectify the situation, now. This is not a problem that is going to go away if it is ignored. I am not going to forget it and be very sure I am going to ensure others do not forget it. I can speak out where others can not.

The Orangutans are waiting, the chimpanzees are waiting and the rest of the zoo world are waiting to see what will happen next.

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1 comment:

  1. Peter - How do we contact Al Ain to express our concern for these orangutans?