Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orangutan Boxing

In my article on Bangkok Safari World I had included a video clip of the Orangutan Boxing Match. I did this to illustrate a point. There as no obvious cruelty involved in the show at all. I cannot speak for the methods of training used to reach what was, from study of the audience, extremely much appreciated.

I don't believe Orangutans should have been used. I believe it is wrong. I also knew some of the history surrounding the Orangutans here. The huge number of animals smuggled in. There were the animals which were rescued and then there were the animals which 'died' for which no bodies could be shown.

I have visited a lot of zoos in South East Asia and one of these was Koh Kong Safari World in Cambodia. It was quite obvious to me that there was a connection between this collection and Bangkok Safari World. It was also, to me very obvious that this is where the 'dead' Orangutans from Bangkok Safari World ended up. I cannot prove it of course and in spite of stating this several times I have neither seen nor heard any evidence of an investigation.

Koh Kong Safari World should not have these Orangutans. They are beyond a shadow of a doubt being held illegally as are those in Bangkok Safari World, regardless of what anybody says. Show me the evidence to the contrary and I will be more than happy to apologise.

Meanwhile there are people in both Thailand and Cambodia giving awards for conservation and we have the likes of Koh Kong, Bangkok Safari World, The Tiger Temple, Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Phuket Zoo openly spitting in the eyes of conservation and compassionate animal care and nobody seems to give a damn. One wonders why the Taiping Four got all the attention. It was the same when Al Ain shipped off their Orangutans to Cairo Zoo. I appear to be the only person to believe it was wrong.

Watch the Koh Kong Orangutan Boxing Video before it is banned too.

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