Monday, November 15, 2010

The Craig Busch Circus Comes To Town

In a desperate attempt to bolster his falling popularity and fill his dwindling coffers the ex Lion Man will be hosting an event in a city in middle England later this week.

No doubt a number of his UK Facebook fans, which are largely made up of blinkered acolytes and frustrated housewives will make the effort to attend and purchase signed photographs, DVD's and the like.

One would like think that Craig Busch would use the event to make, at last, a public apology over the declawing of the Big Cats at Zion Wildlife Park and explain honestly and clearly that he had not been involved in any conservation programme. The bonus would be if the money raised by this event was donated to the fund to repair the damage done by the declawing.

If the intention is to raise money to get 'his' park back then I believe he is pissing in the wind. No serious zoo would ever back him in such an undertaking.

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