Sunday, November 21, 2010

Help at hand for the Monarch Butterfly

Help at hand for the Monarch Butterfly

Each year millions of Monarch Butterflies migrate the 4000 Km south from Canada and the United States to hibernate in the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. Sadly the population of these beautiful little creatures is in steep decline due in the main, to habitat destruction and loss of food plants complicated by drought and global warming. Would it not be a tragedy if we lost the Monarch Butterfly? When huge numbers are involved it is easy to become complacent. This has spelt doom for other species.

Happily the importance of the butterfly is recognised not just as one of nature’s wonders but also as a boon to tourism in some locales. This week the President of Mexico officially opened the Butterfly Conservation Cultural Center in Angangueo on the Pacific coast. The Center will not only educate people of the problems the butterfly is facing but will also breed them.

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