Thursday, April 1, 2010

Polar Bears in Dubai!!

Polar Bears in Dubai!!

There are those who would argue that having Polar Bears on display in Dubai would be educational and draw attention to global warming. Then others would say it is just the money talking. I can already imagine the protests that this suggestion is going to generate. - Peter


'Ice Dubai' to offer ski mountain and winter wildlife park

Following feedback from holidaymakers who felt Dubai was a little too sand, sea and shopping focused, the Emirate has revealed its latest super cool plans.

Building on the success of Ski Dubai (pictured), Ice Dubai will feature the world’s largest ice hotel, a manmade snow-capped mountain and a winter park full of Antarctic animals. The attraction is set for a grand opening in the Spring of 2012.

Visitors to Ice Dubai will be able to shed their flip flops and board shorts, don a winter coat and snow boots and head to the Dubai Winter Park thanks to revolutionary climate-control technology.

Among the attractions planned will be ice skating and ice hockey, skiing on the world’s largest man-made mountain and husky dog sledding.

The adjacent wildlife sanctuary will be home to animals usually associated with the freezing poles including penguins and polar bears.

A spokesman for the Emirate said it was developing the latest in cooling technology to make sure Ice Dubai is kept at the optimum temperature of around zero degrees celcius.

She said the new world would be located just outside the city among the sand dunes that surround it.


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  1. Peter,
    Most assuredly "just the money talking." Any other justification would just be PR spin.
    Wade Burck