Saturday, April 17, 2010

Magdeburg Zoo director defends tiger killing

Magdeburg Zoo director defends tiger killing

The director of Magdeburg Zoo, Kai Perret has defended the decision to euthanase three generic tiger cubs in May 2008. The decision was based on the fact that generic tigers make no direct contribution to conservation and to keep and maintain such animals in the long term would harm the long term prospects of managed tiger cub species. The cubs were euthanased shortly after they were born.

The prosecution has accused Kai Perret and three of his employees of killing the tigers without reasonable cause in the May 2008.

 Magdeburg Zoo had discovered than their male Siberian Tiger 'Taksan' was not a pure bred Siberian as was believed and therefore any progeny fathered by him would contribute nothing to the Siberian Tiger breeding programme of which the zoo is a participating member. Director Perret was correct in his decision to euthanase as no other reputable participating European zoo would have been prepared to take the cubs.

An animal welfare organisation lodged a complaint against Perret and his staff. If convicted they face fines and possible imprisonment of up to three years.

The real crime here is the the fact that the animal welfare organisation does not have the faintest idea of what a breeding programme is about. They are the ones who should be prosecuted.

It is hoped the the world community of reputable zoos and individuals who understand will give their maximum support to Magdeburg Zoo over this issue.

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  1. What was transferring the cats into the private sector not an option?

  2. To be really responsible... no it wasn't. This would simply be passing a problem along. A problem that would take up valuable space and contribute little for the next 15+ years.

  3. that argument is absurd! just because they are not "pure breed" does not mean that they are not a living being and that they do not have an interest in living! I know, and have seen many humans that "take up valuable space and contribute little" to soceity but it would be unacceptable to euthanise any one of them! Zoos, like any other enterprise, are only worried about their bottom line and if it is not profitable than they will not bother maintaining it....What about the conservation of the 3 cubs? were they not Tigers all the same?? I guess that they were not as "Pretty" as trhe pure breed Siberian Tiger and would most probably not bring in the crowds to spend their money at the Zoo!