Thursday, April 8, 2010

Borth Animalarium For Sale

Borth Animalarium For Sale

If it were not for flicking through a magazine I would not have been aware that this small collection on the coast of Wales was up for sale. I have not seen it advertised elsewhere and so I reckoned I would check out the website and learn more. The website is down and no indication of how long this will be the case.

I believe the price quoted was £890,000 and this including the house. Although the collection has always claimed to deal mainly 'rescue' animals there are, or were, the inevitable managed species too. For many of these the ownership becomes a bit complicated.

Having visited this collection several times....though not for ten years or so I have always thought that it was an opportunity waiting for the right person. It always seemed to lack the magic ingredient.

So here we are. The next opportunity for someone with the money and the aims and aspirations of the like of Benjamin Mee and Anna Ryder Richardson. A book, a tv show and movie rights just around the corner?

Ynys Fergi

Borth, Dyfed SY24 5NA
01970 871 224

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