Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ibis Killer Caught on Video

Ibis Killer Caught on Video

The video here is well worth a look, especially if you keep rare birds and are sure that they are secure and protected. The footage here undoubtedly shows the animal responsible for the demise of the 9 Crested Ibis at the Sado Japanese Crested Ibis Conservation Center a few weeks ago.

Having worked with Pine Marten in the past I am only too aware that they can squeeze through unbelieveably tiny holes and are cunning with it. I recollect mysterious goings on in our zoo at night. After they had gone on for a week I spotted the culprit...a Pine Marten. I gave chase but lost it. A check of enclosures found none of ours missing. I laid out some traps the following evening and captured the beastie. It was one of ours! After several very detailed checks of the enclosure a tiny tiny gap was found. This animal had been leaving and returning nightly keeping us all fooled. the story and watch the video HERE

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