Thursday, April 1, 2010

Association of Professional Wildlife Educators (APWE)

Association of Professional Wildlife Educators (APWE)
For those who work with animals, and teach the world about them.


The Association of Professional Wildlife Educators (APWE) was founded to foster communication, professionalism, and cooperation among those individuals who work with captive wildlife in educational programs through training, public display, research, husbandry, conservation, and peer education. APWE is committed to ensuring the proper and humane handling and care for captive wildlife, and to promote the most effective and responsible safety standards for both the public, and the captive wildlife participants.

APWE provides professional wildlife educators the opportunity to network, exchange, and disseminate information regarding new skills, current knowledge, research and other information pertinent to the field of professional wildlife education presentation, to advance the field of wildlife education as well as the management and care of captive wildlife. If you are currently a wildlife education professional we invite you to join the APWE list serve. This list serve is a private, unlisted, moderated forum for the safe and professional exchange of information.

APWE is dedicated to engaging professional members to act as responsible ambassadors for the professional community. Members are to practice the highest safety standards and aspire to educational excellence. Become a Member

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