Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Learn The Truth About Global Warming and Climate Change

Myths and falsehoods from the assault on global warming science

The conservative media have mounted an all-out attack on climate science in an attempt to discredit efforts to fight man-made global warming. Media Matters for America has debunked prominent myths and falsehoods associated with this smear campaign.

MYTH: The scientific consensus on global warming has been undermined by recent events

MYTH: Erroneous Himalayan glacier statement in IPCC report undermines evidence of global warming

MYTH: IPCC report was wrong about the Amazon and drought

MYTH: New study debunks link between global warming and hurricane intensity

MYTH: CRU director Jones admitted that global warming stopped in past 15 years

MYTH: CRU scientists "destroyed" raw temperature data

MYTH: Scientists "fudged" data with a "trick" to "hide" temperature "decline"

MYTH: NASA admitted its data "are in even worse shape" than CRU data

MYTH: CRU scientists "suppressed" opposition

MYTH: The Earth has been cooling since 1998

MYTH: Snowstorms prove global warming does not exist

So what is the truth?
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