Friday, April 9, 2010

Lunch at the Baghdad Zoo

Lunch at the Baghdad Zoo

This video is disturbing and I am not posting it here out of any glorification of gore but because it disgusts me. If this really is in Baghdad Zoo, and judging by the background chatter it is, then I find it extremely disappointing. I understand that the West has played a none too small part in contributing to the zoos revival.

Live feeding of carnivores if not done as part of a re-wilding programme does absolutely nothing other than to pander to the wishes of the ignorant and uneducated. It is neither clever nor necessary. Humane slaughter can be done in under a minute. Admittedly these unfortunate creatures probably died very quickly and without knowing what hit them. The thing that disturbs me most was that this was done for the enjoyment of the public...and they obviously enjoyed it.

It does not take an expert in animal behaviour to note that this performance was not a 'one off' but part of a regular show. As I said in the beginning. It disgusts me!

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