Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lioness Kills Zoo Keeper

Lioness Kills Zoo Keeper

At approximately 17.30 on Tuesday, Harichand Ratna Gingwan, a keeper entered the lion enclosure at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. His intention was to feed the animals within. Why it should be necessary to enter the enclosure to fulfil this purpose has not been made clear. Why there were no double doors on a carnivore enclosure was another major fault.

The six year old lioness 'Shobha' lept upon the keeper and killed him. Meanwhile her mate 'Ravindra' escaped from the cage and has not been located since. 'Shobha' stayed with the body of the keeper and she had to be tranquilised before recovery could take place.

The lions are part of a group of animals which are in the Safari area of the park during the day and caged in the evening.
Whilst one lion is still missing people in the area have been asked to remain in their houses.

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