Monday, April 16, 2012

Toronto Zoo Elephant Update April 2012

The elephant crates have started to arrive at Toronto Zoo and yet the fate of these animals has still not been properly addressed. It has been wrong all the way down the line. Refresh your memory and read Toronto Zoo Elephants In Trouble.

No-one is in any doubt that a move elsewhere is not the right thing to do, unless of course suitable financial support were given to Toronto, but right now I, amongst so many others who actually genuinely care about these animals believe that the move to the PAWS is the wrong move to make. Euthanasia would probably be a kinder option.

Are the Toronto Zoo councillors really going to sit back and watch these animals move to somewhere where their health is compromised? Are all they really concerned about is their kickback from Bob Barker and their chance to hobnob with a bunch of ignorant celebrities? (I am not including those with a little knowledge here).

Councillor Michelle Berardinetti seems determined to ignore the Tuberculosis issue. In fact she denies that it exists. Hear it from the horses mouth here Go to November 6 2011 - Part 2. Councillor Berardinetti has been lamed my name dropping in my eyes. Not something I take great credence from

In 'Toronto Zoo Elephants in Trouble' I asked the question:

"Were the councillors kept in the dark over the TB question?"

Well it seems they were not. Read the three documents below. If the councillors were unaware at an early stage then they certainly not now. What are they going to do about it?

Are elephants really any better off in the so called 'sanctuaries'? Have a think about it.

Deaths in "sanctuaries" under 47:

Ruby (Rafiki), 42 years old, PAWS (African, the funny thing is PAWS tried to claim she was 50...)

71, 26 years old, PAWS (African)

Tinkerbelle, 39 years old, PAWS (Asian)

Sabu, 30 years old, PAWS (Asian)

Barbara, 35 years old, Tennessee (Asian)

Tina, 34 years old, Tennessee (Asian)

Jenny, 34 years old, Tennessee (Asian)

Lottie, 47 years old, Tennessee (Asian)

Ned, 22 YEARS OLD, Tennessee (Asian)

Zulu, 34 years old, Tennessee (African)

The age of death in these institutions mirrors the majority of deaths in the AZA... (Source: Wayne Jackson)

It is not to late to save the Toronto animals. To have their wellbeing decided by the people who love and know them best, the keepers and staff of Toronto Zoo.

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  1. The Toronto 3 will not be anywhere near the ASIANS exposed to TB, who do not have outright TB, but have been exposed to it. To suggest euthanasia for the 3 Africans is EXTREME. I will never again read the word "extremist" and do anything but think of a supposed caregiver who would suggest such a thing, when all the world sees that animals get better in sanctuaries simply because they have more room, good food and great vet care. You list the dead elephants, but they were diseased from close confinement when they arrived, except for Ned & 71 who had a genetic ailments from childhood is the understanding from necropsy.

  2. You are hateful people to suggest that the elephants would be better KILLED than relocated to this wonderful facility with these kind and caring people! Using long works like euthanize does not change the meaning! You want them KILLED because you disagree with a decision? Yet you claim to love these animals? You are disgusting. SHAME on you for spreading such out right lies and hatred! HOw many of the elephants you listed that died were abused and broken BEFORE they got to the sanctuary? I noticed you didn't give ANY information on those elephants lives previous to the sanctuary. Hate and lies. You offer no other alternative other than KILLING them? For shame!

  3. Are you serious? The early deaths of these elephants are due to the prior abuse they recieved BEFORE arriving at the sanctuaries. Just look at Ned's story, the poor guy was a mess!! He looked so much better just in his short time at Tennesse.
    Anybody who thinks it would be better to kill these elephants then let them have the peace, care and open spaces of either PAWS or TES are clearly deluded and lacking in any moral compass (or the ability to actually think for themselves rather than see the place they are slagging off)

    1. So the death of all PAWS borders are due to previous homes. 71 was with them for decades albeit dying young. They are treating elephants for TB there. Can't deny California Health documents. Let them take care of those with TB, back off of those without the deadly disease. This isn't a rescue situation and sanctuary isn't required!

  4. Ned was HORRIBLY abused BEFORE he got to the sanctuary. But I guess that doesn't matter to you. How much abuse did the other elephants you have listed suffer BEFORE being rescued by these sanctuaries? Maybe you should look into that before you start accusing these places of not providing adequate care.
    Also the elephants in question in the papers you posted do not HAVE TB but have been EXPOSED to TB. My husband and my brother both test positive for TB EXPOSURE when given the skin prick test and now have to have chest xrays whenever a TB test is required. Guess they should be euthanized too?

  5. This is one of the most ill-informed, bigoted, badly written (hello, learn spelling and punctuation, and proofread please?) pieces of absolute drivel I've ever read. A kickback from Bob Barker??? LMAO!

    And if anyone is SERIOUSLY concerned about the TO Zoo elephants' health, maybe they should research their health records and learn how sick all three of them actually are, from their years of confinement on hard substrates with little exercise. Or maybe you should take a look at the videos on YouTube of the TO Zoo elephants exhibiting neurotic stereotypy, rocking and swaying back and forth. The TO Zoo elephants are NOT healthy or happy creatures right now, but within 3 months of their transfer to PAWS, you'll see a remarkable improvement!

    And, for the record, do your homework and you'll learn that many of the elephants who were sent to PAWS and TES (like Ned) were sent there for hospice care because they were DYING. This article is absolute garbage!

    1. Maybe elephants were sent there by other places voluntarily but that's where the Toronto Zoo elephants differ, they are perfectly healthy albeit old, and had many other options for a home. Better, healthier options.

  6. Peter - thank you for publishing this information! Wow, the vet at the "sanctuary" in California confirms they have 3 ACTIVE cases of tuberculosis in their elephants, after they were exposed to another elephant Rebecca. Wonder why they are choosing to only treat two of the elephants, and not the third one? How on earth can such an unscrupulous organization survive? I've read about the strict protocols they have in place; if they infected 3 animals by exposure to a 4th, how can they claim their so-called protocols work? Bravo for exposing this horrible, deadly facility for the sham that it is!

  7. I guess all you PAWS supporters just decided to turn a blind eye to Pat Derby killing off all her wolves when she couldn't afford to feed them, eh? Or maybe you all think she was justified with that abhorrent action. Or maybe you don't count that as euthanasia to prevent those unfortunate animals from actually finding a good home somewhere else. I hope y'all are rich because that animal hoarder is going to need lots of cash to feed all those animals in her private collection or she just might have to kill them all when she runs out of food again.

  8. Thank you Peter for printing the harsh truth. Elephants are being treated at PAWS for TB. They know it and now we know it. "It is not to late to save the Toronto animals. To have their wellbeing decided by the people who love and know them best, the keepers and staff of Toronto Zoo."
    Certainly not activist with repetitive speeches of ignorance!