Thursday, October 15, 1998

Zoo News Digest 15 Oct 1998 (Zoo News 21)

Dear Colleagues,

The Zoo news mailing list is now being mailed out to over 600 people in
zoos around the world each week. Inevitably there will be problems with
the occasional double mailing. If you get one of these please let me know
so that I can correct the problem. Equally if the list is of no interest
to you , tell me and I will remove your name from the mail out. So I am a
day late with the mail out yet again. Seems to be the rule rather than the
exception. I was tired out on my return late night after a nine hour drive
to collect a Silvery Marmoset from Shaldon Zoo. The trip was only that
long because a bolt broke in the car engine causing no end of problems. We
managed to make temporary repairs using a candy floss stick and some
horses mane plaiting thread. Not the ideal, but it got us 300+ miles. My
first trip to Shaldon Zoo. Well worth a visit. Beautifully kept animals in
a collection covering just an acre of ground

Retired nurse converts back yard into squirrel sanctuary
(Montgomery City Zoo)

Frogmore set to build frog zoo

Engineer dies when St. Louis Zoo train jumps the tracks

Man Dies in Zoo Train Derailment

German throws himself to lions in apparent suicide

(Nuremberg zoo)

Defenders of Wildlife Launch Wolf Country Beef Program in N.M.
(Albuquerque Biological Park's Rio Grande Zoo)

Looking Up
(The Los Angeles Zoo)

Mountain lion in zoo celebrates 10th birthday
(Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park)


Land of lemurs to get another lemur landing from Duke
(The Duke Primate Center)

Pygmy hippo suffering from spinal aliments dies at zoo
(Reid Park Zoo)

Poll: Icelanders indifferent about Keiko's arrival

PETA pickets New England aquarium for serving fish in its cafeteria

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey(R) Donates $20,000 to Support Asian
Elephant Research and Care
16- 1998/0000773892&EDATE=

First-ever elephant breeding park at Ellahera

Desperately Seeking Eligible Elephants

Desperately seeking eligible elephants

Elephant conservation awareness campaign

New wildlife enclosure planned for central Australia

Indian star held in antelope killing

Salman Khan's remand extended

Salman Khan in police custody

Movie stars learn a "deer'' lesson

Pet python puts the squeeze on her owner

BONNIE ERBE: Saving the Bengal tiger

Arizona loses king of its bald eagles

Lost boa gives U-Haul worker tale to tell

(St. Louis Zoo)
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Zoo adds more trunk space
(Cincinnati Zoo)

Checkups give rare view of bonobo development
(Milwaukee County Zoo)


Aquarium says whale died from bacterial infection

Killer whales' sea otter feast may indicate troubled ocean environment
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Cow chips for a zoo

Sacramento Zoo's Web site honored

Site of the Week:
The Zoological Society of San Diego

Monkey may only get 50% hand use
(Dusit Zoo)

The zoo is not about profits
(Dusit Zoo)

(Dusit Zoo)

A lion’s tale

Mayor rallies for ‘Zoo Proposition’
(Los Angeles Zoo)

Elephant lady shares devotion

Bedford resident says he's not hackled by grackles

Zoo improvement funding leads city council's agenda
(Topeka Zoo)

City officials give media tour of Topeka zoo

Interim zoo director appointed

It's unbearable: Zoo's pair trades Pittsburgh pad for cooler digs
(Detroit Zoo, Pittsburgh Zoo)

Four More Lemurs To Be Released Into Madagascar Jungle This Fall

Terms of development
(Buffalo zoo)

Alipore zoo is too cramped, says Lodha

Wolf exhibit a winner for Tucson firm
(Cleveland (Ohio) Metroparks Zoo)

Tigers moved from high-rise cage to Lop Buri zoo

Things are looking up for the Dehiwala zoo

Treating wild animals: a new challenge

Popular Lincoln Pk. Zoo gorilla dead at 37

ZOO LOSES MUMBI, A TRULY GREAT APE,1575,SAV-9810110214,00.html

Mumbi, popular Lincoln Park Zoo gorilla, euthanized
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Rhino ride at Hogle Zoo is much better in warmer weather

Zoo contract inked without transparency
(Dusit Zoo)

LA students propose zoo replace live elephants with computerized version

Last Partula turgida snail at London Zoo

Python retrieved after Tempe jaunt

Pupils Trumpet Their Indignation at Elephants' Fate

Lake Tahoe area wrestling with its bear problem

Zoo's Elephant House will close Oct. 19
(St. Louis Zoo)
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Skull collector charged with smuggling is sentenced
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Penguin fight: Never mind the formalities
(New Jersey State Aquarium)

A journalist in the zoo

Situations Vacant

Senior Keeper & Keeper required by The Royal Zoological Society of
Scotland for posts in Edinburgh Zoo. Candidates should have the City &
Guilds Diploma in Animal Management or equivalent and have a good working
knowledge of primates. The Senior position requires a minimum of five
years experience in animal keeping and managing people. Letter of
application and CV to Dr M. Gore, Head of Animal Department, RZSS,
Edinburgh Zoo, Murrayfield, Edinburgh, EH12 6TS

For the most up to date links to sites advertising Zoo work go to:


American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Annual Conference
Oct 17-22 1998
for more details contact:

The Zoo Registrars Association Meeting
Oct 22-24 1998
For more details contact:

Komodo Dragon Conference
Parc Zoologique de Thoiry, France
4- 7th November 1998
For further details contact :
Parc Zoologique de Thoiry - 78770 Thoiry, France
Tel : 01 30 88 51 53
Fax : 01 34 87 54 12

26th Annual I.M.A.T.A Conference
7 - 12 November 1998
For further details contact :
Geraldine Lacave on

International Conference on Wetlands & Development
Dakar, Senegal
8 - 14 November 1998
For further details contact :

Canadian Parrot Symposium
14th - 16th November 1998
For further details contact :
Mike Pearson on

British Zoo Educators` Conference
Bristol Zoo
20 - 22 November 1998
For further details contact :
Education Department on
0117 970 6176

Symposium on Carnivore Conservation
Zoological Society of London
20/21 November 1998
For further details contact :
Zoological Society of London
Regent`s Park

1st European Zoo Nutrition Conference
Jan 8 - 11 1999
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
for more details contact:

ABWAK 25th Celebration, Then, Now & the Future
April 17 - 18 1999
Marwell Zoological Park
for more details contact:

7th World Conference on Breeding Endangered Species
May 22 - 26 1999
Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio, USA
for more details contact:
Grace Rettig (Fax 1-513-559-7791)

ECM 3rd European Congress of Mammalogy
Jyvaskyla, Finland
May 30- June 4 1999
For further details contact :

Fourth International Enrichment Conference
29th August-3rd September 1999
Edinburgh, Scotland.
Details as and when available from the Shape of Enrichment website:

Help Wanted
One of my Animal Management trainees is researching bedding as an
enrichment experience for chimpanzees. It is coming together quite nicely
after three months of work. She mailed out questionnaires to a huge number
of zoos with quite a disappointing response. From within the UK all
replied except for three. From the US only three replied!!(So far?) If
you can help please e-mail me and I will send you a questionnaire to
complete. If you work with chimpanzees it will take no longer than 7
minutes. I promise. Full credit will be given to those who do help. Many

Don`t forget ZooChat, it has its moments! Curators, Keepers, Vets,
Researchers letting their hair down at the end of the day. Very
lighthearted most of the time. Serious some of the time. Useful for making
contacts and generally having fun. THE BOARD is a useful place for posting
your interests.

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