Wednesday, October 13, 2021

UK Zoo Salaries


UK Zoo Salaries

From June to October 2021 (inc) there were 115 UK and Ireland zoo related

vacancies advertised on Zoo Jobs.

Of these only 27 indicated salary. Most stated “As per qualifications and experience or Competitive salary.”

Most indicated hours to be worked which varied from 37.5 to 43 hours a week

Although I fully appreciate that all zoos are different as are job titles and that duties

and responsibilities vary, the list below should give you a good indication of the salary

you should expect in various posts.

Trainee Animal Keeper


Trainee Primate Keeper

£16,640.00 - £18,533.00

Trainee Bird Keeper


Mammal Keeper


Animal Keeper


Elephant Keeper


Bird Keeper

£20,210.45 - £21,782.15

Primate Keeper


Primate Keeper


Gorilla Keeper


Zoo Keeper


Seasonal Keeper


Penguin/Bird Keeper


Living Collections Keeper


Animal Keeper - Team Leader


Experienced Carnivore Keeper

£19,448.00 - £20,280.00

Deputy Section Leader


Senior Living Collection Keeper


Qualified Animal Keeper


Experienced Zookeeper


Assistant Team Manager


Animal Presenter/Trainer


Lead Keeper


Section Head of Primates


Experienced Elephant Keeper


Experienced Bird Keeper


Director of Operations


Final Note:

When I started my zoo career back in 1967 my weekly wage was around £9.00

for a basic 6 day 48 hour working week. I was never paid overtime but worked

60+ hours a week more often than not. I loved the work and still do. Zoo work

has never been about salary...but we all need money to get by...don’t we ?

Because of Covid and travel restrictions I have been without any salary for

two years now, Times are hard... for us all.



Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant