Wednesday, November 4, 1998

Zoo News Digest 4 Nov 1998 (Zoo News 24)

Dear Colleagues,

I hope your week was a good one. There follows this weeks current Zoo
News. Something to interest everyone. As I expected the bad weather washed
up more seal pups. The last one arrived late last night. It looks strong
and I feel sure will make it. There was another two days previous which
had come into contact with a boat propeller that did not. About 50 new
people signed up for the news this week and another dozen names were
suggested. Anyhow here goes...

Condors Flying High

Hungry hippo gets fall treat at Hogle Zoo

Action taken for elephants' return

Animal house
(Melbourne Zoo)

Zoo privatisation looms
(Melbourne Zoo)....bit of a horror story

Feeding time at the zoo - a $66,000 bill

Ailing animal? These docs make zoo calls

Zoo Atlanta carousel set to spin

City appeals loss of zoo accreditation
(Mesker Park Zoo)

Once costly and popular, emus now cheap and often unwanted
(Reid Park Zoo)

Several papers covered the Emu story in one form or another.

Zoo's beloved Ruby faces risky C-section
(Phoenix Zoo)

Phoenix Zoo fights to keep Ruby the elephant alive\inets

Elephant's health plan has a price

Vet surgeons gather to save Ruby
(Phoenix Zoo)

Ruby the Painting Elephant Dies
(Phoenix Zoo)

Tears for Ruby mix with other mourners

Flirtatious Ruby shared her breath


There was scarcely a paper in the USA that did not carry a Ruby Story. I
have chosen just a few. I would like to add my own condolences to the
keepers and those who worked closely with her. I know how they feel. Some
of my best friends were elephants.

Rare Wolf Died by Bullet, Not Lion

Handle with Care
(Cape May Zoo)

Lemurs are back
(Mesker Park Zoo)

AZA Applauds Appropriations for Wildlife Conservation Acts

Libraries, Zoo to Get Aid; Sidewalk Tax Fails
(Los Angeles)


Giant Panda Stuffed and Placed Back in Zoo After Death
(Taiyuan zoo)

The Philadelphia Zoo isn't letting the animal waste go to waste.

New zoo admission policy upsets a few
(Memphis Zoo)

Sloth bear refuses to 'obey' court order
(Children's Park, Guindy)

Restriction on elephant expert lifted

SNH gives go-ahead for return of beavers

Beaver to return after 400 years

Probe into smuggling of houbara bustards

Some vital body parts stolen from dead tiger

Endangered Malayan tiger killed by bus on highway and gutted

Rare lion cubs nameless but famous
(Papanack Park Zoo)
&file=/c pfs/national/981103/n110303.html

With this giraffe, and ring too, I thee wed
(Hogle Zoo)

Improve, don't move zoo
(Buffalo Zoo)

Texas Zoo begins to regroup after flood

Zoo nabs snakes, but gators still free

Proposal to ban mourning dove hunting is not as simple as 'yes' or 'no'
(Columbus Zoo)

Animals set to return to war-damaged zoo
(Sarajevo zoo)

Animals set to return to war-damaged Sarajevo zoo

Parenting instinct strong among some fish species
(Sacramento Zoo)

Council to Consider Zoo Construction Bid
(Oklahoma City Zoo)

LaRue: Zoo felt squeezed on two sides
(Topeka Zoo)

Elephant care was one point of contention in investigation
(Topeka Zoo).

Mayor moves parks chief in shake-up involving zoo
(Topeka Zoo)

Mike Hall: Zookeeper's book uncages animal house occurrences
(Topeka Zoo)

Situations Vacant

For the most up to date links to sites advertising Zoo work go to:


26th Annual I.M.A.T.A Conference
7 - 12 November 1998
For further details contact :
Geraldine Lacave on

International Conference on Wetlands & Development
Dakar, Senegal
8 - 14 November 1998
For further details contact :

Canadian Parrot Symposium
14th - 16th November 1998
For further details contact :
Mike Pearson on

British Zoo Educators` Conference
Bristol Zoo
20 - 22 November 1998
For further details contact :
Education Department on
0117 970 6176

Symposium on Carnivore Conservation
Zoological Society of London
20/21 November 1998
For further details contact :
Zoological Society of London
Regent`s Park

Primate Society of Great Britain Winter Meeting
December 2nd 1998
Zoological Society of London
For further information contact:

1st European Zoo Nutrition Conference
Jan 8 - 11 1999
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
for more details contact:

ABWAK 25th Celebration, Then, Now & the Future
April 17 - 18 1999
Marwell Zoological Park
for more details contact:

7th World Conference on Breeding Endangered Species
May 22 - 26 1999
Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio, USA
for more details contact:
Grace Rettig (Fax 1-513-559-7791)

ECM 3rd European Congress of Mammalogy
Jyvaskyla, Finland
May 30- June 4 1999
For further details contact :

16th EAZA/EEP Annual Conference
Basel Zoo, Switzerland
September 8-12 1999
For further information contact :
EAZA offices

Fourth International Enrichment Conference
29th August-3rd September 1999
Edinburgh, Scotland.
Details as and when available from the Shape of Enrichment website:

European Zoo Educators (EZE) Conference
Safari Beekse Bergen; Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands
16 - 20 September 1999
For further details contact: Chris Peters; IZE-Regional Representative for
Europe/Middle-East e-mail:

Veterinary conference on Australian Wildlife
Western Plains Zoo, Australia
September 13-17, 1999.
Topics include zoonoses, medicine and surgery of
macropods, reptiles, bats, native birds and amphibia as well as pest
control and assisted reproduction. Interested parties can contact :
David Blyde on

Research and Captive Propagation in Birds
Antwerp Zoo
October 21-23 1999
For Further info :

Help Wanted
One of my Animal Management trainees is researching bedding as an
enrichment experience for chimpanzees. It is coming together quite nicely
after three months of work. She mailed out questionnaires to a huge number
of zoos with quite a disappointing response. From within the UK all
replied except for three. From the US only three replied!!(So far?)
(Actually 7 now and increasing...Many Thanks) If you can help please
e-mail me and I will send you a questionnaire to complete. If you work
with chimpanzees it will take no longer than 7 minutes. I promise. Full
credit will be given to those who do help. Many thanks.

The Halloween Season being upon us I have been asked by a colleague to see
if anyone out there has any animal enrichment ideas using surplus
pumpkins. Please e-mail me. I will list the top ten.

Very disappointing response to the pumpkin question...first posed last
week. Only one respondent so far.

The Behaviour Bridge Association
2005 Sunny Lane, Knoxville, TN, 37912.
Interested in exchanging ideas on Training? Contact the above for further
info or e-mail :

Kelly Tarltons are doing excetionally well with their breeding colonies of
King and Gentoo penguins. Whereas they do not have surplus birds at the
present time they would be interested in making contact with reputable
collections who have an interest in either species in the future. Please
contact: Craig Thorburn Head Curator Kelly Tarltons Antarctic Encounter
and Underwater World PO Box 42-021 Orakei Auckland New Zealand (Ph) ++64 9 5280603 (Fax) ++64 9 5285175

Don`t forget ZooChat, it has its moments! Curators, Keepers, Vets,
Researchers letting their hair down at the end of the day. Very
lighthearted most of the time. Serious some of the time. Useful for making
contacts and generally having fun. THE BOARD is a useful place for posting
your interests.

Sites worth checking out
Have you got a suggestion? Let me check it out.

Most e-mail packages will allow you to point and click on the site
address(hyperlink). This should launch your web browser and send you
directly to the site. If your package will not do this you will have to
use cut and paste. Cutting from this e-mail and pasting in your browsers
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may have is that the site address is longer than the page width. You will
have to cut and paste twice, taking care that you marry to the two halves
exactly. Some of these links are quite short lived, but I have checked
them all today and they all work.. If you have a problem, do let me know.

Zoo News is currently sent to around 700 interested parties worldwide
each week. If you know of anyone who you think would like to be included
please e-mail me. If you would like to include notification of any items
of interest i.e. Meetings, seminars, job vacancies please contact me.

For those of you who have not received the News previously, you have been
included because someone has suggested you might be interested. If this is
not the case please email me and I shall remove your name.

Kind Regards,

Wishing you a wonderful week,


Sunday, November 1, 1998

Zoo News Digest 1st November 1998 (Zoo News 23)

Dear Colleagues,

By now I have hopefully eliminated all cases of double mailings. If you
are still having a problem please let me know.

During the past week current newspaper articles of zoo nature have been
pointed out to me. I have been able to say that I posted that story three
weeks ago on ZooNews. I suppose it largely depends where in the world the
story originates but it many cases you will get it first from here.

A wet and miserable week complicated by high winds. Still I don`t think we
appreciate the good days so much without the bad ones. I have five grey
seal pups in at the moment, happily three are now self feeding. The
Mycobacterium marinum infection in my thumb has just about cleared up
(though I have been put on a second month of antibiotics), so I can just
about force feed the other two without too much problem. I am keeping my
fingers crossed that because of the weather we don`t get a rush of new

Roz and I were at a Halloween wedding of an ex zoo keeper yesterday. It
was held in an old castle on the slopes of Snowdonia. A civil ceremony
followed by a quieter “Celtic” one afterwards. The setting was superb and
heavy in atmosphere. The reception later in the day allowed us the
opportunity to catch up with zoo news from staff from other parts. Quite a
month for socialising.

550 pound fish too big for tank
(Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Zoo death
(Woodland Park Zoo)

Brief Illness Claims 2 Dolphins at Zoo
(Oklahoma City Zoo)

A monkey's pumpkin
(Tulsa Zoo)\inets

Crisis for death row chimps
(Penscynor Wildlife Park)
You will need a password to get into the Times site
The Times, London ---