Sunday, December 30, 2007

Subscribing to Zoo News Digest

ZooNews Digest is the longest established and widest read zoo related ezine on the internet. It is read more frequently by more zoo personnel than any other similar publication. At the end of February 2010 it is being read each week by thousands of subcribers in close to 700 zoos in over 135 countries.

The list of people who read ZooNews Digest reads like a 'Zoos Who's Who' and includes Zoo Directors (working and retired), Zoo Keepers, Curators, Managers, Vets, Researchers, Dieticians, Police, Field Operatives, Scientists, Trainees, Students and more.

Consider advertising on Zoo News Digest. It actually gets to the people who make the decisions.

The Zoo News Digest is essentially a mail out ezine which started as a hobby some 15 years ago. It has passed through a number of phases till it is what it is today. You are visiting it here in its blog format.

It has always been a free publication (though donations always were accepted). Previously I was in full time employment and had a bit of money put aside. Now I have neither and an annual donation is not only needed but expected too.

Zoo News Digest is my work.  Zoo News Digest is mailed out to subscribers exactly as it is now, once or twice a week every week. I search the news daily sorting out the wheat from the chaff. I keep you updated on the best of the zoo news...that of interest to zoo professionals rather than the general public.

It is easy to subscribe. Here on the Blog Page you will see a Donate button to your right (and just up a bit). Just click on this. Donation is through PayPal. It is quick, easy, efficient and safe. If you have a credit or debit card it can be done in an instance. If you have sent a donation in the last twelve months then don't worry as you will recieve as before. I will periodically send out reminders to those who have donated previously if requested.

Why donate? Because ZooNews Digest works for you. Within the modern zoo many staff find that there are too few hours in the day to keep themselves updated on what is going on in the Zoo World as a whole. Anybody can use a search engine and if they have a few hours to spare they will find just what they are looking for. I work at this a minimum of ten hours every day seven days a week, working for you.

I am a Zoo Professional. I have been working at Zoo News Digest as a hobby for many years and pre-date all others offering something similar. I find the stories the search engines miss. Often Zoo News Digest posts the news first. Check out the archives for the past ten years. I work for you. I save you time. I send you the interesting links rather than those put together for the general public. I also comment and criticise from a corner that I cannot be punched out of. I am honest, will not take bribes and yes... sometimes I am opinionated. As I am not employed by any zoo I can say things the others cannot without risk of losing my job.

So how much? Right now Zoo News Digest is, practically, my only source of income*. I have no home, no pension, no job and all I own in the world can be crammed into my backpack. That said, as guidance I am looking for an annual donation from each subscriber of what they would pay for a subscription to their favourite magazine once a year. You get 52+ Zoo News Digest mailed to your inbox. I will keep you informed and updated. Many Thanks.

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*I do earn a little from writing, my book store and the occassional Zoo consultancy fee but it is very very little.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


Zoo News Digest Advertising

I suggest an advert along the lines of a photograph which will directly link to your webpage. Beneath the photo you can have up to ten lines to say whatever you need to say plus inclusion of another written link to your webpage.

This advert will be included within the body of the Zoo News Digest blog. When the blog is published it is also posted out as an email to subscribers and so will go directly to the in box of thousands. The link to the blog then goes out on the Zoo News Digest Facebook page and a link then automatically goes out to Twitter. This is the maximum possible coverage reaching people who actually work in zoos

Zoo News Digest reaches more people in more zoos worldwide than any other publication.

A permament link to your webpage will remain in the posting.

How much? £40.00 for a one off/one time post. Payment is via PayPal. Postings go out once or twice a week. I would do three inclusions for £100.00 if that was preferable. For an extra £20.00 I will actually make up the advert on your behalf.

More information Zoo News Digest Advertising

Zoo News Digest is the longest established e-zine on the internet. Zoo News Digest has been something of an insider secret spread by word of mouth through the zoo community till today it has thousands of interested weekly readers in 600+ zoos in more than 130 countries. The private membership list reads like a Zoo Who’s Who and numbers Zoo Directors, Curators, Managers, Head Keepers and right down to trainee keepers amongst its readers. There are of course also zoo vets, trainers, enrichment officers, gift shop personnel, docents, nutritionists, information and education officers and more….even some zoo police. Many of these have families too who read the Digest on their home computers. Some zoos have placed the Digest on their intranet systems. It is used as a teaching and discussion instrument on some college Animal Management Courses.

Zoo News Digest readership is far ahead of any other similar publication on the internet and way out in front of the paper terra magazines and journals. In fact the Digest has always gone out of its way to promote and advertise these publications within. There is no competition as the Digest offers a different range of information.

Associated and linked to Zoo News Digest is Zoo Biology whose membership is restricted solely to professional Zoo Staff. This in itself has nearly 2,500 members. Again this has more members than any similar zoo related terrestrial publication. Zoo Biology has given on numerous occasions almost instant help to zoo people around the world as it can call upon a combined multi expertise zoo knowledge base of around 25,000 years!

During the past few months Zoo News Digest has taken on a Blog and a Facebook page which are both rapidly gaining in popularity. All four publications are linking in together and being posted on Twitter too which gives very good coverage and exposure. The Twitter postings are picked up by most world zoos which are listed on this service. Postings on the Blog are being indexed by Google in under a minute. This of course reaches out to a readership outside the world of zoos.

Although I have been employed in Zoos (Commercial, Private and National) as Manager, Curator, Head Keeper and Keeper for forty years these publications have up till recently been my hobby. Now they are a full time job and I seek to widen their coverage even further. I know the zoo internet business inside out having been actively daily involved for around 15 years.

I am now seeking to include advertisers who have goods which would be of value to a zoo readership. If you are interested please, in the first instance contact me for further details:

Peter Dickinson

I feel 100% sure that I can give you greater targeted advertising coverage than you have previously experienced anywhere else in zoos. What is more you will find it extremely affordable.