Saturday, June 20, 1998

Zoo News Digest 20th June 1998 (Zoo News 02)

Many thanks for the encouraging response to the first edition of zoo news.
Thanks too for those of you who pointed me in the direction of this last
weeks news sites.

1/Little Rock Zoo operating without license

2/European Union agrees to improve zoo conditions

3/Belfast Gorilla leaves for Munich

4/ Six Manchurian Tiger Cubs go on display in Beijing Zoo.

5/ Riverbanks Zoo tout their newest exhibit as "Beauty and the Beast."

6/Snout route through Dallas Zoo.

7/A brief history of the World Famous Topeka Zoo (quite interesting)

8/Student raises cash for new bear accomodation at Folsom Zoo

9/Thai Zoo denies mistreating share tipping chimp.

10/Giraffes talk in regional accents

11/Off course penguin ends up as World Cup mascot

12/PETA try to stop Burnet Park Zoo Wienermobile

13/Roddy family give $500,000 to Knoxville Zoo

14/Tulsa Zoo Diet\inets
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15/10 gorilla births documented in the Congo

16/Chinas elderly panda dies

17/ Sedgwick County Zoo's Touch Zoo

18/ St. Louis Zoo Hippohula luau' will benefit zoo
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19/Homeless iguanas roam Los Angeles

20/Trapped Minnesota wolverine likely escaped

21/Lincoln Park Zoo visitors get free shuttle

22/Investigators say Cincinnati Zoo exhibit fire was an accident

23/Anger leads zoo to stop cruel shows
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24/Save the rhino, Sahabat Alam Malaysia urges Govt

25/Deaths of naked mole rats mystery

26/Giraffe at Milwaukee County Zoo gets an ultrasound

27Dickerson Park Zoo has world's first successful artificial insemination
of an elephant in captivity

28/Dr. Gage, Marine World vet

29/Pittsburgh Zoo marks 100th year

30/ Genes show quagga return is a possibility

31/Save the Tiger Fund, World Wildlife Fund and American College of
Traditional Chinese Medicine Forge Partnership

Happy Keepering!