Friday, June 30, 2000

Zoo Owner John Aspinall Dies

Zoo Owner John Aspinall Dies

After a three year fight against cancer, millionaire zoo owner John
Aspinall has died. He leaves a wife, two sons, a daughter and two
stepsons. His two great zoos, Howletts and Port Lympne and legions of
Gorillas remain as tribute to his dedication to the cause of
Always a controversial figure within the zoo world one often had to
choose whether you agreed with what he said or did or strongly
disagreed. There were rarely half measures. Whatever the decision,
one always had respect for the way he stood up for his beliefs. He
will be sadly missed, not only by many people but many animals too.
His passing leaves a void which will not be easy to fill. I extend
my condolences to his wife, family and staff.

Peter Dickinson

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