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Zoo News Digest 19th - 23rd September 2009 (Zoo News 620)

Zoo News Digest 19th - 23rd September 2009 (Zoo News 620)

Peter Dickinson

Dear Colleagues,

There has been something puzzling me since I last wrote. Why is it that none of the Born Free Foundation or its clones or acolytes have condemned Craig Busch and his appalling animal treatment at Zion Wildlife Gardens? Here we have cruel and illegal animal abuse activities having taken place within a zoo (which they hate) and yet they are clammed up tighter than a ducks arse.
I note that Edmonton are still getting flak. It does not matter how much evidence is provided they, the anti's, still insist on sticking to their blinkered opinion. I use that word a lot...'blinkered'...but its true. Personally I always read the other side of the story. I really and genuinely am prepared to change my opinion based on the evidence. Nothing presented so far has altered that.
'Gay' Vultures, 'Gay' Penguins. Everyone is going straight again or swinging both ways. Whatever, it makes a nice story, twice over.
It will be interesting to see what investigations into Indonesian Zoos turns up. I still have not forgotten that we are waiting for the SEAZA report on the Orangutans in Jakarta. Not a whisper in a month or more. It is almost as if they believe that if they ignore it that it will go away. It won't. Not for as long as I am here to remind them. You may think that perhaps they do not read this. Well I can assure you 100% that they do.
Happy Birthday Goma!!!!

Thanks to the persons who sent a donation to the Digest this last week. Much appreciated....and very very much needed. Thank you. I have replaced the Chipin donation box with a Paypal one. I think some were of the opinion that the figures quoted were weekly or monthly instead of a total of months combined. Believe me I earned less last month than you earned last week.

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On with the links:
The cheetah could walk again - in Madhya Pradesh
More than 60 years after the cheetah, the world’s fastest land animal, was wiped out from India due to unbridled hunting, hectic efforts are on in Madhya Pradesh to ensure that the first translocated cheetah is introduced in its Palpur Kuno park in Sheopur district.The Palpur Kuno sanctuary was developed for the translocation of lions by the state’s forest department. Wildlife officials say once it gets the cheetah too, the park will be the only one to have all the big cats - tiger, leopard, lion and cheetah. WildLife experts are meeting frequently to explore whether the world’s fastest land animal can be re-introduced in the park. The last of the species

'Gay' Vultures at Jerusalem Zoo Split Up, Become Fathers Again
After a multiyear romance described as "fiery" and the birth of a baby, a pair of gay vultures at a Jerusalem zoo have reportedly gone back into the closet.Dashik and Yehuda, who built a love next and fathered a baby vulture a few years ago, called it quits for the feathery embrace of female vultures — and now they've simultaneously fathered new young ones, reports."This is an insane coincidence," said Michal Erez, head of the birds section at the Jerusalem zoo. "But the spouses of both Yehuda and Dashik laid an egg on the same day, the eggs hatched on the same April day, and the two chicks were exactly the same weight. Their weight can vary between 120 and 200 grams, and I've never seen,2933,552944,00.html

Lucy critics not well informed, zoo official says
Celebrities trying to force Edmonton's Valley Zoo into sending an Asian elephant named Lucy, who has been there for 32 years, to a California sanctuary are not properly informed, says a top Calgary Zoo official."Even though, their hearts are in the right place, they don't always have the same picture as those of us who work with animals all the time," said Cathy Gaviller, director of conservation, education and research for Calgary Zoo."They don't necessarily understand the complexity of what goes into it."Gaviller was responding to American TV personality

Flood Edmonton zoo with calls to move Lucy: Barker
Bob Barker called on people around the world to “inundate” the Valley Zoo with requests to move Lucy after failing Thursday to convince city officials to ship the ailing elephant to a California sanctuary.The former host of The Price is Right, along with members of several animal-rights groups, talked to community services general manager Linda Cochrane, zoo staff and city councillors for more than an hour before briefly visiting the elephant for which they’ve been lobbying.While Barker said he was delighted to meet Lucy, he said the talks to discuss her future went badly.“The zoo is absolutely implacable. They won’t consider even saying that when Lucy is feeling well, we can take her to the sanctuary,” he told a crowd of journalists, adding the issue has become

Houston Zoo releases endangered toads
The Houston Zoo is breeding and releasing rare toads in an effort to save the endangered species. On Monday, zoo officials took more than 100 of the toads to Bastrop State Park and set them free. These are no ordinary toads, but rather, the elusive Houston Toads which are found nowhere else in the world. It’s hoped that th

Jakarta (at the zoo)
International wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation has joined ProFauna Indonesia in calling for a full investigation into allegations of illegal trading of wildlife products by several prominent zoos in the country. The case of the confiscation operation on the protected animal parts in Jagakarsa, Jakarta (7 August 2009) has been developed by the authorities.The Forestry Department held the second case presentation on 10 September 2009. The government agency strongly alleged that the illegal wildlife crime involved three ex-situ conservation institutions. The documents seized from the suspect showed that the three institutions: Indonesia Safari Game Park (Taman Safari Indonesia/ TSI), Pematang Siantar Zoological Park (Taman Hewan Pematang Siantar), and Bandung Zoological Garden (Kebun Binatang Bandung/ KBB), were allegedly involved in the illegal trade of endangered animals. The documents recorded the transactions between the suspect and the institutions trading these following

Fight for zoo not over yet
Animals ship out, but help still sought for shuttered facilityAlthough the exodus of animals from the shuttered Zoo Northwest Florida has begun, diehard zoo fans hope to convince local leaders of the value the facility brings to the community.Animal Park Inc. partner Bob Switzer, a zoo owner, says he has requested bids from licensed zoos and collectors for all of the Gulf Breeze facility's animals. He hopes to recoup the partners' $4.5 million investment in the zoo by year's end or sooner.The 25-year-old, 50-acre zoo closed in August after local governments refused to give it a second year of funding. It had been in financial trouble since Hurricane Ivan left it with uninsured damages in 2004.While the zoo was run by the

'Lion Man' visits Zion Wildlife Park
'Lion Man' Craig Busch is vowing to regain control of his beloved Zion Wildlife Park after having a police escort back on to the property this afternoon.Mr Busch has been embroiled in a bitter employment dispute with his mother Patricia after she sacked him from the park, near Whangarei.The matter is due to go back before the courts next week, but this afternoon the one-time reality TV

Baby giraffe dies of neglect
THE first giraffe born in Bahrain at Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve, Sakhir has died due to neglect by its mother, officials said yesterday.Staff could not intervene as hand rearing would domesticate a wild animal, which was not recommended, they said.The carcass of the one-week-old giraffe was found by staff on Monday morning just hours after it had died due to dehydration, park veterinary sector head Dr Mohammed Ashour told the GDN."We are very sad about the giraffe

Quarantine delays arrival of Pandas to Australian zoo
The Adelaide Zoo in South Australia revealed on Wednesday that the arrival of two giant pandas on loan from China had been delayed by quarantine arrangements. The pandas called Wang Wang and Funi were due to begin their quarantine period in Adelaide on Oct. 17. However, a spokesperson for the Adelaide Zoo said the schedule had now changed with public holidays in China affecting quarantine timelines. The arrival of the pandas was now expected about two weeks later than the original schedule. The spokesperson said that international animal

Memorial for Oregon Zoo chimp
A memorial service for the Oregon Zoo's longtime chimp Charlie drew several hundred friends and fans and even featured a drum and dance group pounding out the rhythms of the African bush.Charlie, who had lived at the Portland zoo for 37 of his 39 years, collapsed and died last Thursday. He had been considered in good health; a necropsy was inconclusive.Zoo keepers say his demeanor could swing from goofy to cantankerous; he would invite staff members to play games of "chase' but was also known to toss feces and chunks of wood at visitors.Charlie clearly favored blonde women and was wary of guys in ties. While he could rattle off words in the American Sign Language he'd learned as a youngster, he was just as likely

State modifies second zoo plan
It might not be feasible to plan a second zoo on 500 acres in Bhagabanpur mouza of South 24-Parganas the way it was originally conceptualized. Realizing this, the state government on Tuesday worked out a truncated version of the original plan, identifying 170 acres of the original area. Also, as there have been concerns that any construction in the area will be in violation of wetland preservation

London Zoo celebrate fifth annual Gay Sunday with GT, Diva and
London Zoo celebrated their fifth annual Gay Sunday last weekend, with hundreds of patrons – gay, bi and straight – in attendance. Held in conjunction with GT, and DIVA magazine, the day featured a series of child-friendly events for hetero and single-sex families to ensure that - according to official literature -“everybody had a gay day.”despite its impressive turn-out, the day was marred by controversy when officials removed a poster for DIVA on the grounds that it was

Newquay Zoo features rare black tree monitor lizards
NEWQUAY Zoo has become the only centre in the UK to house three rare black tree monitor lizards.The lizards, who are all brothers, are situated in an enclosure on the top floor of the Atmospheric Tropical House and are the latest in a range of new species to the exhibit.The zoo's animal collections manager, John Meek, said: ''Its great to have these three with us as we are the only UK zoo to have them, and visitors love the way they look so prehistoric."Like all lizards living in tropical forests, their habitat has come under threat, so it's fantastic to have some here at Newquay. The plan is to start a breeding

First zoo-born gorilla reaches half a century
The first gorilla to be born in a European zoo is celebrating her 50th birthday in Basel on Wednesday.Basel Zoo is throwing a party for Goma, offering her and the zoo's other gorillas special birthday snacks, and treating the public to a film about her life, as well as giving visitors a sneak preview of a new open air ape enclosure being constructed.The infant Goma was raised



The Zoo Biology Group is concerned with all disciplines involved inthe running of a Zoological Garden. Captive breeding, husbandry,cage design and construction, diets, enrichment, man management,record keeping, etc etc


Giraffe Care Professionals

The international Association of Giraffe Care Professionals is pleased to announce the first-ever conference “All of the Above” devoted to all aspects of Giraffe care in captivity. All individuals interested in Giraffe and the advancement of their care are invited to join us for this groundbreaking event. Hosted by the Phoenix Zoo with sponsorship from the Oakland Zoo, the conference will take place February 21-24, 2010. For more information, registration or for those who may be interested in presenting at the conference, please visit


The 30th Annual International Sea Turtle Society is holding its Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation.

April 27-29 2010

For information on registration, travel grants and abstract submissions go to


ZSL Science and Conservation Events 2009-2010 programme now available

Details of the 2009-2010 ZSL Science and Conservation Events programme can now be found online.

The first event, 'Conservation and the world in 2050', introduces the Wildlife Conservation series which will complement and broaden ZSL’s previous scientific events programme and highlight pressing conservation issues.

The integrated programme of science and conservation events includes Symposia, the Wildlife Conservation and Communicating Science series and the annual Stamford Raffles Lecture; this programme will run between October 2009 and July 2010.

The 'Impacts of environmental change on reproduction and development in wildlife symposium' will be held on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 October 2009. This two-day symposium has been organised by Professor William V. Holt (ZSL), Professor Stuart R. Milligan (King's College London) and Dr Rhiannon E. Lloyd (ZSL). Please click here for further information.

Up-to-date information on all ZSL Science and Conservation Events is also available from Dinner booking forms and registration forms for symposium attendance will be available on the ZSL site a month before each event.

I hope these events will be of interest to you. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any comments or queries on ZSL Science and Conservation Events or if you would like additional copies of any of our publicity materials.

With thanks & kind regards,Joy :-)

Joy Hayward
Scientific Meetings Co-ordinator
Zoological Society of London
Regents Park,

Tel: +44 (0)20 7449 6227. Fax: +44 (0)20 7449 6411. E-mail:


Wildlife Conservation: South Asia vultures

Dates: 10 Nov 2009
Times: 6:00 pm - 7:40 pm

South Asia vultures: catastrophic declines and environmental impact - a ZSL Science and Conservation Event.

Around the world vultures are under pressure for a variety of reasons but in South Asia over the past 15 years a catastrophic decline of three species has been identified. The challenge now faced by conservationists and the governments of India, Nepal and Pakistan is to reverse the trend and save these species from the brink of extinction.

The decline, its causes and the impact on the environment will be examined, and actions now under way to ensure the long-term survival of the three species of vulture will be discussed.

Details of how a veterinary drug used in cattle led to the loss of millions of vultures, how local communities have coped with the loss of vultures in their environment and the effect on human health, the search to find safe replacement drugs and how breeding centres can re-establish populations of these Critically Endangered vultures in the wild are given.

Is this a one-off problem or is other wildlife facing similar threats?

Talks and speakers TBC

Organised by Nick Lindsay, ZSL.

This event in the 'Wildlife Conservation' series will begin at 6.00pm (doors from 5.00pm) and talks are scheduled to finish at 7.30pm; admission is free and open to everyone (no advance booking or registration required).
This event will be held in the ZSL Meeting Rooms and seats will be on a first-come, first-served basis. A dinner with the speakers will follow this event and places must be booked in advance. A dinner booking form will be available from this page by mid-October; please download for further information.

ZSL Science and Conservation Events: An essential part of ZSL's work is to communicate relevant, high-quality zoological and conservation science. The integrated ZSL Science and Conservation Events programme includes Symposia, and the new 'Wildlife Conservation' and 'Communicating Science' series. Topics cover a wide variety of zoological and conservation themes, and international experts present and discuss their research

Further Information: please contact Joy Hayward, Scientific Meetings Coordinator, Zoological Society of London, Regents Park, London NW1 4RY.Tel:+44 (0)20 7449 6227. Fax: +44 (0)20 7449 6411. E-mail:



Volume XXIV, Number 10

October 2009
ISSN 0971-6378 (Print edition); 0973-2543 (Online edition); RNI 11:1

Date of publication 21 September 2009

List of Individual Articles

Cover - including contents, publication information and other cover material
PDF ( 327Kb )

Complete Magazine, Pp. 1-28
PDF ( 1463Kb )

Zoo Management (including Conservation Breeding) and the Policy of routine Transfer of Officials
Pp. 1-2
PDF ( 24Kb )

A Strategic Paper for the Future of the South East Asian Zoo Association SEAZA —> ZOOsAsia
P. 3
PDF ( 33Kb )

Seoul Grand Park Zoo celebrates 100 years by hosting SEAZA conference
P. 4
PDF ( 23Kb )

Great Opportunities
Pp. 5-8
PDF ( 100Kb )

Herptile Activities
P. 9
PDF ( 23Kb )

Announcement : 2010 International Conference on Wildlife & Biodiversity Conservation vis-à-vis Climate Change
P. 10
PDF ( 19Kb )

CEE material available
P. 11
PDF ( 26Kb )

Study on tarantulas of Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka and adjoining areas in Goa
-- Manju Siliwal, P. 11
PDF ( 26Kb )

Environmental Enrichment for Common Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus jacchus) at Mysore Zoo
-- Lakshminarasimha R & Vijay Ranjan Singh, Pp. 12-14
PDF ( 119Kb )

Leading, Following and Team Dynamics
-- R. Hemanth Kumar, Pp. 15-19
PDF ( 172Kb )

A Gathering of Experts for Asian Elephants
-- Ravi Corea, Pp. 20-22
PDF ( 188Kb )

Elephant business - Nepal, India & Bangladesh
Pp. 23-24
PDF ( 469Kb )

Vultures in South Asia
-- Aminur Rahman, Pp. 25-26
PDF ( 66Kb )

International Vulture Awareness Day
P. 27
PDF ( 43Kb )

Programme to celebrate International Vulture Awareness Day at Dhaka Zoo
P. 28
PDF ( 45Kb )


Communicate 09

Communicate is a conference for influential environmental communicators, attracting a cross-section of representatives from environmental and conservation organisations, business and CSR, policy makers, media, national and local government bodies and natural history filmmakers.

Get informed and get involved with the crucial current and upcoming debates and get direct feedback on your own communication campaigns. Learn about new research and initiatives, explore new trends and debate techniques for
communicating complex and difficult issues. Organisations from across the environmental network contribute to the content, helping Communicate to stay well ahead of the curve.

Be Inspired! Join the debate.

October 21/22 2009
HP Labs, Bristol

Register now at or ring 0117 370 0973


ABWAK - Association of British and Irish Wild Animal Keepers

The ABWAK Regional Workshop is a one day event on Saturday 3/10/09 designed to provide a range of useful skills that can benefit Keepers in their everyday work.
A choice of workshops that are designed to introduce you to a particular skills base. You will be actively involved and provided with support material as well.

There will be time to network with fellow keepers and sharing of ideas over lunch and breaks.

The workshops include: Browse selection and database – the opportunity to look at the selection of browse you might use for a range of species, and how to develop knowledge further, alongside setting up a browse database

Artificial rock construction – you will learn the basics and help construct an artificial termite mound or range of rocks for enclosures, find out about the materials required and techniques used.

Animal Record Keeping (ARKS) introduction – this is ideal for those not yet using ARKS or at the early stages and it is designed to get you started , understand the basics and provide answers to your many questions.

Rope splicing – this activity will help you learn how to splice rope effectively, get the best out of your rope. You will be contributing to existing primate enclosures and so your work will also have additional benefits and not just a stand alone workshop.

Reaseheath Animal Centre is a BIAZA memebr and has a wide range of zoo, exotic and domestic animals and their will be an opprtunity to have a tour

ABWAK members £10 Non-Members £25 Includes tea/coffee and Lunch

Contact or go to

Workshop is at Reaseheath College Animal Centre, Nantwich Cheshire, UK

Macropod Husbandry Workshop

October 22nd-23rd 2009

9am to 5pm

Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch

Pilot Point

TX 76258

Registration Fee:

(A) Both Days + lunches + T-shirt: $150

(B) One Day + lunch + T-shirt: $75

(Lunches will be all you can eat & catered, email me with any questions or concerns about food allergies, etc)

Optional: $20Thursday Night Dinner & Drinks w/ Lynda!

Includes: All you can eat gourmet meal, margaritas & possibly a little karaokeand dancin'! Begins at 7pm

Thursday, October 22nd from 5pm to 7pm:Behind the scenes tour of Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch

Registration, info on hotels, etc can be found at:

Email me with any questions!


Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch




My name is Mia Cobb and I am currently conducting an online survey as part of my PhD research at Monash University in Australia.

People aged 18 and over can complete a short and anonymous online questionnaire.

The questionnaire takes around 10 minutes to complete and asks questions about your attitudes towards the welfare of dogs and kennel facilities, as well as a few general questions about yourself.

This questionnaire is not restricted to Australian participants and you do not need to have had direct experience with a kennel facility to take part.

Public opinion is often a driving force in the provision of care for animals housed in captivity. Therefore, a survey is important to accurately establish the views of the general public as well as dog trainers and primary care givers (such as kennel attendant staff) who are generally directly responsible for decisions regarding the care provided to dogs housed in kennel facilities.

Please follow this link to read the ‘Participant Information Explanatory Statement’ in full and to commence the survey:

Please forward this invitation to any colleagues, friends, family or other contacts who may also be interested in participating.

Thank you for your time.


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