Friday, September 4, 2009

A Warning Too Late?

Crocodile Warning

This little snippet appeared in todays edition (4th September 2009) of the Bangkok Post. Wow, I thought, that is exciting news. Then I thought back to the article I wrote about the Sri Racha Tiger Zoo. These are surely escapes. You cannot have thousands of captive crocodiles dotted all over the country without escapes.

A little bit of research showed that this was far from new news. Crocodiles were spotted and photographed in the park back in 2007!

and discuussed in the Thai Expat and Birding Groups. There was even a clip of very poor video taken:

It would be really nice to think that one of the World's rarest crocodiles Crocodylus siamensis had been overlooked. Scientific investigation would be worthwhile.

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