Thursday, September 24, 2009

4th International Zoo and Aquarium Symposium


4th International Zoo and Aquarium Symposium
Freshwater fish conservation:
linking ex situ and in situ actions
Chester, 19th – 23rd April, 2010
A joint initiative of NEZS Chester Zoo, the IUCN / WI Freshwater Fish Specialist Group and the Zoological Society of London to bring together field biologists, taxonomists, conservationists and aquarists for a common goal: integrated multidisciplinary conservation action for freshwater fishes.
The programme will include lectures and workshops on the following themes:
  • Integrated regional in situ and ex situ conservation
  • Methods for conservation priority setting
  • Genetic management of freshwater fish populations
  • Integrated species management – which species benefit fromex situ management?
  • Husbandry and management of endangered freshwater fishspecies in aquariums.

To express interest, or for more information, please contact:

Claudine Gibson
Programme Officer
IUCN SSC / WI Freshwater Fish Specialist Group
Chester Zoo, Caughall Road, Upton, Chester, CH2 1LH

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