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Keeper killed by Tiger - Investigation essential!!

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There are questions that need to be asked here after all we have one man dead

(Nguyen Cong Danh, 47 - Dead) and one seriously injured (Nguyen Thanh Giau, 21 - Injuries to head and neck).


Did the tiger leap over a "five or six metre" concrete wall?

Did it hop over a "2 metre" or "2.5 metre" electric fence?

Did it climb over the "two-and-half-meter concrete wall"?

Did it fly over the "16-foot electrified wall"?

Was there a water filled moat? A culvert? Or a tunnel?

Was it a female tiger coming into heat?

How come it was a male tiger that was recaptured?

Were there two or three workers involved?

Did horrified visitors really witness the event?

I thought I would analyse this incident a little deeper as there seems to be so many contradictions in the report. Questions need to be asked on behalf of the keepers/gardeners/workers. I failed to make any sense. You try:

Tiger jumped the walls of its enclosure.

1 employee killed. 1 severely injured. 3rd escaped by jumping into moat

They were planting trees in an adjacent enclosure.

Tiger may have been coming into HEAT.

Tiger may have been spooked by crane.

Summer zoo inspection said enclosures looked safe.

Keeper killed

Tiger leapt out of its cage.

Jumped over dividing wall.

"The wall between the two enclosures was made of concrete and about five or six metres high."

Zoo Keeper killed.

Tiger leaped out of enclosure.

Jumped over a 2.5 metre electric fence.

Disturbed by noise from crane.

"workers sought safety in a water-filled tunnel but for some reason one of them crawled out of it and was killed"

workers sought safety in a water-filled tunnel

Other staff captured the MALE tiger.

"tiger pounced on them after leaping over the dividing wall "

Gardener killed.

"The tiger jumped over a 2-metre-high fence"

" tiger had all been inside a larger fence that surrounds the inner enclosure and that the zoo's tourist area had not been threatened"

"Actually, the fences are very safe with electricity around them,"

tiger might have been upset by a crane

one other worker escaped through a water culvert,tiger-kills-gardener-at-vietnam-zoo.html

"The tiger jumped a 2.5 metre metre electric fence at the"

"the tiger jumped over the two-and-half-meter concrete wall surrounding its enclosure"

"a resort, told Thanh Nien the tiger was coming into rut, which"

"it was impossible for the tigers to escape into the public area because of the electric fence and the four-meter deep by eight-meter wide moat."

"In total, the company was keeping 583 wild animals of 71 species but its license, which had expired by then, only permitted 294 animals of 27 species.
Inspectors conceded that the enclosures were properly designed and that there were qualified veterinarians on the premises to take care of the animals, but also found that the zoo did not record its breeding and raising methods to ensure the animals maintained normal reproduction under captive conditions."

"two workers sought safety in a water-filled tunnel but Danh crawled out of it and was killed"

"Dai Nam park in Binh Duong province Thursday when the tiger jumped the 16-foot electrified wall at his cage."

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  1. Several things to consider:
    Was the electric fence working ?
    Was there any female on heat?

    I do remember when visiting Howlets way back in 1986 ( or so ) a female whose cubs were taken away to the next cage by the keeper for some examination . The female jumpet the 2 meter+ fence and mauled the keeper to death. We all then realised that 12ft fencing with overhang is more appropriate to contain these amazing animals.

    Roy Sirimanne
    Wildlife Solutions.