Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ape Care Staff Supervisor

Ape Care Staff Supervisor
Center for Great Apes

The Center for Great Apes has a new position for an Ape Care Staff Supervisor to oversee the day-to-day activities of the caregiver staff in providing optimal care for the health and welfare of our sanctuary apes. The Center for Great Apes is a reputable, established, and growing sanctuary for orangutans and chimpanzees in need of permanent lifetime care. The Center maintains these animals in a safe and enriching habitat, providing exemplary care in accordance with and exceeding federal and state regulations.

Position Summary:

The Ape Care Staff Supervisor is directly responsible for the day-to-day activities of the caregiver staff. This position is for a working supervisor who will participate wherever needed in caregiver duties. This person will work in a positive partnership with the founding director and support the Center’s mission as established by the founding director and board of directors.

Responsibilities include:

t Working with founding director and the staff caregivers to develop the best care plan in areas of diet, health maintenance, enrichment, socialization with other apes, and training behaviors

t Maintaining a positive team-oriented attitude supportive of the Center and its mission and representing the Center to all employees, volunteers, members, donors, visitors, vendors, and on-site workers with friendliness, courtesy and professionalism

t Supervising ape care staff in carrying out all aspects of:
§ Diet
§ Enrichment activities & equipment
§ Health care procedures
§ Cooperative husbandry training
§ Managing ape behavior situations
§ Ensuring all safety practices, requirements, and recommendations are met or exceeded
§ Cleaning routines

Supervisory responsibilities will require this person to:
Participate in interviewing and selection of applicants for caregivers, interns, and volunteers
Oversee orientation on safety policies and procedures
Oversee training of ape care staff, interns, and ape-care volunteers
Schedule work-shifts
Hold periodic meetings with ape care staff
Plan performance evaluations
Fill in when needed for daily ape care routine including shifting, feeding, training, cleaning, providing enrichment, and doing daily health checks
Lead caregiver staff during emergencies
Coordinate with veterinarian on health care issues

This position may also require the ape care supervisor to:
Assist the veterinarian with medical procedures
Give tours occasionally to visitors and donors
Give presentations at conferences or workshops and represent the Center in a professional and positive manner

7+ years of experience in great ape care giving (preferably both orangutans and chimpanzees)
5 years experience of direct supervision of staff coworkers and demonstrated success in leading coworkers in teamwork building
Demonstrated leadership ability to create a team environment that supports effective teamwork and collaboration with ape care staff
Demonstrated ability to interact with staff in a positive manner and lead staff to success in their job
Excellent communication abilities with staff, management, members/donors, and visitors
Good writing and report skills
Ability to be calm and make decisions in crisis situations or emergencies
Willingness to tackle challenges and problem solve

Dart gun training and chemical immobilization knowledge
Positive reinforcement training experience with captive apes
Leadership or supervisory training or courses
Veterinary tech experience, fecal exams, previous assistance in great ape health exams
Able to lift 50 pounds and work outdoors in extreme heat during summer when required

The Center for Great Apes is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This position is located in Wauchula, FL, between Sarasota/Tampa Bay, Ft. Meyers/Naples, and Orlando metropolitan areas.

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Contact Information:
Please email your resume to or FAX to 863-767-8904

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