Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zooquaria 74 and Zooquaria Nutrition News 5

Zooquaria #74

plus Zooquaria Nutrition News #5

You can now download the latest issue of EAZA's quarterly magazine Zooquaria, packed with news and views from the European zoo and aquarium community. Also published this week, a special edition of Zooquaria based on last years's European Zoo Nutrition Conference.

The cover of this issue features a beautiful photo of an elegance coral by Tim Wijgerde, marking the fact that corals are now included in the EDGE programme. Zoos and aquariums are asked to join in an effort to help save species ranked on the basis of Evolutionary Distinctiveness and Global Endangeredness. Two interesting opinion articles deal with the topic of conservation from different angles: Gordon McGregor Ried asks whether new thinking about taxonomical structures should influence how we approach conservation breeding, while a group of experienced conservationists consider the difficult question of whether zoos are doing all they can to save some of the less charismatic species on the brink of extinction.

There are also updates about on-going work with the blue-crowned laughingthrush, the Egyptian tortoise and the crowned sifaka, as well as husbandry guidance on the green anaconda. Other highlights include a report from the EZE conference in Valencia, an update from the Millennium Seed Bank and an interview with Andy Briggs, the man tasked with reinventing Tarzan as an eco-warrior for the 21st century (with added benefits for the EAZA Ape Campaign.)

Zooquaria Nutrition News

The nutrition special features Rob Doolard's shot of a Francois langur on the cover, with contents including easy-to-use fruit and vegetable nutrient tables, body condition scoring for assessing hoofstock diet changes, the relationship between feed and colouring in amphibians, and a new diet for giant anteaters that could be of value for other insectivores. The EAZA Nutrition Group has also tackled a few commonly held misconceptions about the feeding of zoo animals – download the magazine to find out more.

EAZA members will receive a copy of both magazines by post in the coming days. EZNC delegates will receive a copy of the nutrition magazine.


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