Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Which US Zoos Will Receive the Orangutan?

Now here is a bit of a mystery that needs clearing up. Please read the story below and see if you are able to shed any light on this. You can make a note in the comments section below the post (anonymous postings are not accepted) or email me privately. I am wondering if this has any direct relation with the blog post At Last! Action For The Orangutans At Ragunan Zoo and the follow up in Zoo News Digest 1st - 4th May 2011 ? Don't get me wrong I have no problem with Orangutans going to a zoo, if it is a good zoo. In many cases the animals will be better off in a good zoo than they would be in a rescue centre (here I do not see eye to eye with some of the NGO's). I would like to know though. Where is this animal or animals going to? Where is this animal or animals coming from? If they are coming from a zoo was it a good zoo or a bad dsysfunctional one. (I am going to keep using dysfunctional from now on).

RI launches oil palm green product campaign in Europe

The Indonesian government has through the agriculture ministry launched an oil palm green product campaign in Spain and France to anticipate negative issues about the commodity relating to the environment.

Agriculture Minister Suswono said here on Saturday the oil palm green product campaign was designed to convey information and communicate the policy and efforts to develop the national oilpalm industry by paying attention to the principle of sustainability.

When visiting Madrid and Paris, the Indonesian delegation conveyed concern and objection against the negative views of NGOs on the development of palm oil and the importing countries`s rules that led to a negative impact on Indonesian palm oil export.

"The campaign was held in the forms of seminars and meetings with the related officials of Indonesia, Spain and France," the minister said.

In a meeting with the Spanish minister for Environment, village and fisheries affairs as well as the French Agriculture minister,

Minister Suswono said, he conveyed the Indonesian government commitment in the implementation of the Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil System and concern on the environmental criteria listed in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) that has potential as a Non-Tariff Barrier in the trade.

"The French government can understand the concern of Indonesia and expects to obtain input from the results of research on palm oil which can be used as an evaluation of policies related to the use of palm oil in the country," Suwono said.

In addition to Spain and France, Indonesia will also conduct the similar campaign to the United States on May 23.

"We will explain clearly about the development of oil palm in Indonesia," Suswono cited, adding that his office will also hand Orangutan to the U.S. government in order to show the government`s attention to wildlife-related development of oil industry.

At present, the land used for oil palm development in Indonesia is only about six percent out of the country`s forest area that reached 137 million hectares.

Oil palm plantations contribute about 45-46 percent of carbon emissions reductions.
Editor: Priyambodo RH


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