Monday, May 23, 2011

The Sloth's Eye

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I finished reading this book yesterday. If I did not have so many other things to do I would have finished it the day I started it. As with other fiction books I have read by zoo authors I find it so very easy to identify with the characters. It is almost as if I know them. I certainly know people like them. This is a murder story with a touch of romance and sex. It keeps your attention simmering away. As I got down to the last dozen or so pages I had not definitely decided who the killer was or the why's and wherefores. A good read for you. A good gift for anybody who works in a zoo....or anyone really.

From the Inside Flap
Everyone comes to the zoo to see the charming yearly ritual of elephants playfully stomping pumpkins at Halloween. Small mammal keeper Hannah usually thinks it's not fair--why do the big animals get all the attention? But this year the fun turns deadly: Victor, lover of charismatic zoo director Allison, is found dead in the elephant yard--where he'd been left with a pumpkin carved to fit his head.

Just when Hannah's feeling lucky to be in the background, Allison reveals her plan to distract the media from the murder: it's a celebration of the new wombat that she promised to the Small Mammal House. Now Hannah's swept into the spotlight and into the middle of some mysterious conflict between Allison and her boss Chris, with whom she's trying halfheartedly not to fall in love.

But the real trouble begins when she discovers that her favorite sloth has been kidnapped--obviously an inside job--and then she and Chris are threatened as well. Desperate to find her sloth, Hannah finds out almost too late whom she should have trusted.

At the zoo, everyday decisions--from the treatment of a sick animal, to how a keeper handles a dangerous predator--can have life-and-death consequences. What better setting for a mystery? The fascinating creatures in The Sloth's Eye serve as victims, weapons, clues, and comic relief, but you'll see that the real danger of working at the zoo isn't the animals but the conflicts among people who care for them.


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