Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Animal’s Perspective - Center for Zoo Animal Welfare

An Animal’s Perspective
A Unique View on How Zoo Animals Experience Their World
Presented by the Center for Zoo Animal Welfare
Detroit Zoological Society
October 11-14, 2011

Instructors: Dr. Cynthia Bennett, Director of Animal Welfare, Detroit Zoological Society and Gail Laule, Active Environments

Detroit Zoological Society’s Center for Zoo Animal Welfare is offering a unique four-day workshop designed for animal care and facilities staff, supervisors, curators and veterinarians working with captive exotic animals. The workshop will present topics and exercises aimed at improving the well-being of captive animals by better understanding their perspectives and experiences. Participants will attempt to see the zoo through the animals’ eyes, hear the zoo through their ears, smell the zoo though their noses and experience the habitats as they experience them.

The workshop will present topics related to improving the welfare of captive exotic animals. Topics will include understanding the limitations that a human perspective imposes on our view of the world, identification and resolution of animal welfare issues through environmental modification and enrichment, positive reinforcement training techniques, and altered husbandry practices. Workshop format includes lectures, discussions, small group projects, demonstrations and multiple hands-on opportunities with animal environments at the Detroit Zoo.

For information contact:

Elizabeth Arbaugh, Animal Welfare Manager
Detroit Zoological Society
Tel: 248-398-0903 x3643


Mary Wulff, Animal Welfare Supervisor

Detroit Zoological Society
Tel: 248-398-0903 x3644


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