Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Zoo News Digest

Happy Birthday Zoo News Digest

The 21st May 1998 saw the birth of Zoo News Digest in its present format. It was in publication in a different form for a little while before.

What started out as a hobby newsletter mailed out to a few friends has grown to become a powerful, informative and useful tool for the world zoological community.
The email group has just a little short of 5,000 subscribers who receive copies of the latest Zoo News Digest and other important announcements in their inbox once or twice a week. These subscribers are in over 800 zoos in more than 150 countries. There is no other zoo related medium that can reach as many people in the zoo world as quick and as often as Zoo News Digest. The membership list reads like a Zoo's Who's Who. From Director to trainee, Keeper to Curator, Dietician to Zoo Veterinary Surgeon and everyone else in between. Zoo News Digest reaches them all.

The Digest remains very much a labour of love but with more than a dash of dedication. I have passed up on several lucrative ventures over the years as well as opportunities to travel in order to ensure that subscribers were kept regularly updated.

Following on from and attached to the Zoo News Digest eGroup there are now a number of other important intertwined connections.

Firstly and most important is the Zoo Biology eGroup which is made up very largely of Zoo Professionals and serves to offer quick help to solve problems throughout the zoo world. There are very many people and animals which have benefited from the unselfish expertise of Zoo Biology Group members. This group has extensive archives which members can search at any time.

The allied Zoo Jobs blog is extremely popular and gets around 40,000 visitors every month. There are a lot of people out there looking for opportunities to further their career. This blog helps to fill those vacant posts.

Then there is the regularly updated list of Zoo Meetings, Conferences and Symposia. This seeks to keep people updated on opportunities to further themselves and educate as well as catch up with colleagues and share information.

The Zoo News Digest Blog gets close to 2000 visits each day. There were around 440 postings on the blog in the last twelve months.

The Zoo News Digest Facebook Group has more than 3,325 readers. Whereas this serves very much as an announcement group there are some postings made here which are not posted elsewhere.

I still enjoy the daily search and challenge to collect ‘genuine’ news for Zoo News Digest readers each week. Today it is practically my own source of income and rely on a small annual donation from members for its continuation.

I hope that readers find something of interest in every issue. My interests are very wide but I seek to select current news that would be discussed in the average zoo staffroom.


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