Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tigers rescued from house fire

Firefighters responding to a house fire at 02.51 on Monday morning in Quezon City, Manila were stunned to find a number of exotic animals being held there.

These included five tigers, two Burmese Pythons, three Indian Starred Tortoises, several fighting cocks, four dogs and a number of cats. Only the fighting cocks were killed in the fire. The fire was quickly put out due to the rapid response by the firefighting team.

All of the animals were said to be in good condition and the tigers were securely held in a 50 by 15 feet enclosure. Although the animals were legally held under Philippine legislation they were not meant to be accommodated within the city and had been transported there illegally.

The animals were owned by Robert Co who was not at home when the fire occurred. He now faces investigation for contravening the Wildlife Act and to see what other laws may have been broken.

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