Friday, March 18, 2011

Call for Papers For Dedicated Issue of AKF – UNGULATES

Call for Papers
For Dedicated Issue of AKF – UNGULATES

We are planning on producing a combined July/August 2011 edition of Animal Keepers’ Forum dedicated to ungulates. We will be working with the Ungulate TAGs in producing this dedicated issue. We would like those interested to submit manuscripts for consideration for inclusion in this dedicated issue. Possible topics might include the following:

• Ungulate Care and Management

• Managing multi-species habitats

• Managing single-sex herds

• Ungulate Hand-rearing

• Ungulate hoof care

• Ungulate operant condition

• Ungulate Enrichment

Papers should be submitted electronically in MS Word only to

Please use Times or Times New Roman font (10pt text body). Please put “Ungulate
Issue” in the subject line. Papers should be no more than 10 pages in length. Any charts and/or graphs should be submitted as separate jpg or tif files along with (but not imbedded in) the manuscript. We also encourage photos of your animals to include and these should also be submitted electronically as either high-resolution (minimum 300 dpi) jpg or tif files.

If you cannot submit your material electronically, you may submit your materials on a disk or CD sent to: Ungulate Dedicated Issue, AAZK, Inc., 3601 SW 29th St., Suite 133, Topeka, KS 66614-2054. If you cannot submit photographs electronically, you may send 3 x 5 inch prints to the same address. You should include proper photo credit for each photo and also suggested captions for each photo submitted.

Be sure to also include your complete contact information including name, address, email and a daytime phone where you may be reached if we have questions concerning your submission. Also be sure to include your facility and your job title at that facility.

Deadline for submission of articles for consideration for this special Ungulate Issue is May 15, 2011.


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