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Best Practice Capture, Handling and Restraint Program DVD Series

Best Practice Capture, Handling and Restraint Program DVD Series

Animals on Film is pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Best Practice Capture, Handling and Restraint Program DVD Series’ for Wildlife Professionals. This education resource has been produced by a group of Zoo industry personnel who possess zoo keeping, education, veterinary nursing, research and film making expertise. The Snakes, Raptors and Zoonoses program’s film footage has been based around interviews with recognized experts in the areas of Herpetology, Raptor management and Zoonotic disease.

The Best Practice Capture Handling and Restraint Programs are a useful resource especially if you are training new staff, or prior to working in a field research or captive environment where hand restraint and trapping techniques are required. The Zoonoses program is a must for any Occupation Health and Safety Department were staff are actively involved in the care or management of animals or their bi products. The programs aim to develop "Best Practice Animal Management" principles. Special attention is given to wildlife professionals working with fauna in a captive or field environment. In addition animal ethics and safety issues are listed for; capture restraint, husbandry and veterinary procedures.

Each volume offers a double disc set comprising 50 to 70 minutes of DVD vision in easily accessible chapters plus an ADOBE PDF manual on CD ROM.
The DVD can be viewed on a Computer or Television screen and is available in both PAL or NTSC Versions.

We currently now have a number of Australian and American TAFES and Colleges using our programs as support material for Zoo keeping and other animal management related courses. For independent reviews on our programs go to

Program and Site license prices for the “Best Practice” Capture Handling and Restraint DVD Programs.
Site licences agreements can be obtained contact Jo Cowie at  to discuss your institutions or individuals specific needs.

Annual license Options per program (AUS)

                                                         Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four Year Five
Intra-net, computer or DVD use up to 40 students     $220     $176       $154       $132      $110
Intra-net or computer or DVD use 40 to 80 students   $520     $420       $320        $220     $220
Intra-net computer or DVD use 90 or more students    $1,000 $720        $520       $320      $220

We offer organizations a “student program price” which is available in conjunction with any of the 5year license plans.

Programs available now (NTSC or Pal Versions)

Volume 1 Snakes Demonstrates capture, handling and restraint techniques in addition to basic veterinary and husbandry procedures used for venomous and non-venomous snake species.
Program Price $197.00 Aus
Snake DVD Chapter Information
Snake Manual Table of Contents

Volume 4 Raptors Demonstrates capture and handling techniques, plus Animal Husbandry procedures appropriate for use with large and small raptor species.
Program Price $197.00 Aus
Raptor DVD Chapter Information
Raptor Manual Table of Contents

Volume 9 Zoonoses Presents comprehensive infectious disease information within 2 excel tables. The searchable tables show more than 350 Zoonotic diseases and their source animal hosts. The DVD program is based around interviews with specialist infectious disease Doctors, Parasitologists and Wildlife Veterinarians. Discussion and demonstration shows safe and effective work practices that can be used with biologically hazardous materials. In addition there are quarantine guidelines for bird, mammal and reptile species.

Program Price $237.00 Aus
Zoonoses DVD Chapter Information
Zoonoses Manual Table of Contents

Please note that copyright laws, in regards to the “Best Practice Capture, Handling and Restraint Series” and its reproduction, protect this material. If you plan to use the programs for private use then please disregard this notice. If you do plan to use this material for teaching purposes then a site licence will need to be purchased.

We hope you continue to find this material useful and look forward to any comments or critique you would like to offer.

Animals on Film Wildlife Licences and Approvals

1. AEC Approval Number: DEC AEC /42 / 2006
    AEC Approval Number: CAEC /46 / 2003

2. Science Project Plan Number (Science Division staff only)
CALM Animal Welfare Act 2002, Licence to use Animals for Scientific Purposes U10/2005

3. Licence to Take Fauna for Scientific Purposes Number: SC Reg 15

We look forward to your comments and questions. Zoos, Universities and Libraries please contact us if you require access guidelines and license information for intra-net or other uses.

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